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    hey Greg, I'm having problem with large gas turbine, please look at the log.

    these errors occur and the server enters an infinite lag. and the machine would not even turn on.


    :Diamond Drill:

    no, that's not what I meant, goolgle translate fails.

    tks for portable scanner, very usefull.

    to take advantage of post, distillation tower does not accept pipes, only cells?

    tks greg, for the best mod....

    Bug Chickenbones until he gets tired of it.

    Use the portable Scanner on the Machine with the disconnected Cable and show me the Chat it outputs when doing that.

    Also BC Energy will not work at all if you mean that, but it was always like that within MC1.6.

    tks Greg... which is IC recommended for minecraft 1.6? or is it better to downgrade to 1.5? I'm not getting adpatar with quotes this forum rsrs

    It is CustomOreGen, which has been misconfigured btw. I thought it was more than obvious enough when seeing the Error Message.

    Nope, it works perfectly fine with all normal Crafting Handlers. I have a special Recipe for that, which takes the NBT from the Items in the Grid (if all have the same NBT!) and puts it on the Output. Like the vanilla Map copying Recipes, and without much Effort.

    It is just a Tank storing 256000 Liters of Water. Even if you don't take the Data Orb into account, a Railcraft Steel Tank of that size (I know a 2x2x2 isn't actually possible) would still be cheaper.

    n3utr4l : The IC² Enet is even more broken than before, it seems. Nothing we can do about it.

    hi guys, tks for all replyes! XD


    hello boys, I'm newbie here. XD

    I'm having problems with my server, eh a simple server for 2 people to play, I more a friend.

    and I'm having trouble with the connections of machines using enegia of IC2-exp, mainly gregtech mod.

    follows a piece of log, if anyone knows who has a solution I appreciate the help.

    I am aware that energy IC2 has many bugs.

    I'm using
    minecraft 1.6

    gregtechmod4.07e :HV-Transformer: :HV-Transformer: :HV-Transformer: :HV-Transformer: 8o