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    Welcome to the Future of Warfare.
    The Choice is Yours.

    Special Thanks to KoUsagi and KerPwn for the 20$ donation!

    The Future Of Warfare is a growing survival Industrial Craft, Build Craft and Red Power server.

    General Rules:
    1. No H4(K5; This includes but is not limited to X-Ray, Fly, PLayer Tracer, Shield, etc.
    2. Logging onto the server with illegal mods will be a 3 day ban first, then a permanent ban.
    3. Activating any illegal mods while on the server will result in a perma-ban.
    4. If you are unsure of the legality of a mod ask a mod before installing it.
    5. No Trolling. if you have read these rules, put "War=Good" in your application.
    6. Do not grief or steal. All chests are logged for who accesses them, as well as who removes what items and inserts what items.
    7. Do not leave "Floating Bushes." This is when you cut down trees but leave leaves leftover.

    Mod Specific Rules:
    1. Ask an Admin or Mod before building a quarry.
    2. Have an admin or mod approve any automatic machine, as well as have any automatic machines have overflow protection
    3. Limit to 50 solar panels. (This is subject to change)
    4. Ask an Admin before building a Nuclear Reactor.
    5. Always Follow the Nuclear Reactor Containment Rules.
    6. Do not construct a nuclear reactor only to detonate. (If you have read these rules, put "Plutonium" in your application.) Doing so will result in a permanent Ban.
    7. Do not construct a Nuclear Reactor to use without asking permission. Doing so will result in a 3-7 day ban for the first offense and Perma-Ban for the second.

    Nuclear Reactor Containment Rules:
    MARK I: 2 Layers RE-Stone
    MARK II: 3 Layers RE-Stone
    MARK III and MARK IV: Cost of several RE-Stone Stacks for a Bed Rock Enclosure
    MARK V: Do not build; Not Allowed.

    As the server becomes more popular, the cost of hosting will increase-it is estimated to cost 10$ per month per 6 players allowed on to the server at once to run relatively lag free.
    6 Players-10$
    12 Players-20$
    24 Players-40$
    Any and All Donations should be in USD via PayPal
    A chargeback in an attempt to gain donator perks for free will result in ban.
    Minimum Donation Amount: 5$

    Tier One:
    Donated Any Amount Above 5$
    [D] In Prefix.
    Name On Hall Of Fame.

    Tier Two:
    Donated any amount 10$ or above.
    [D+] In Prefix
    Name on Wall Of Fame
    Grants 2 extra "Temp Ban" Warnings

    Tier Three:
    Donated Any Amount 20$ Or More.
    [D++] In Prefix.
    Custom Prefix (Must be Rank Color)(By Admin Discretion*)
    Ability to Kick. Abuse will result in removal of this power.
    Name At Top of Forum Post.
    Grants 3 extra warning "Temp Bans"

    Diamond Tier
    Donated Any Amount 35$ Or More.
    [D3X+] In Prefix.
    Custom Prefix(Must Remain Rank Color)(By Admin Discretion*)
    Ability to Kick. Abuse of this will result in removal of command.
    Ability to Mute. Abuse of this will result in removal of command.
    Name at top of page.

    Donating 40$ or more grants [D4X+]
    50$; [D5X+]

    Super Admin: (Has 100% Server Control)
    [Owner] Penguin27388

    Admins: (Fully Op With Server Control)

    Super Mods: (Fully Op)

    Mods: (Can Temp Ban, Mute, Use Compass And Kick)

    -Veteran+. Has shown Activity and dedication for 4+ weeks. can be elected Mod.
    -Veteran. Long time player of the server. Must be active for 3 weeks.
    - Experienced. Played actively for 2 weeks.
    -Novice. Played actively for 1 week.
    -Rookie. Just Joined.

    Admins must be chosen; however mods can be chosen or elected.



    In Game Name:
    Have you ever been banned from a server before?:
    (Optional| or PM it) Skype:
    (Optional|or PM it) Steam:
    How active can you be on the server?:
    What can you do to contribute to the server and community?:
    (Pick 2)Which jobs would you like?:


    Community Projects To-Do List:
    1) Create A Large Farm, to be operated by SkitsofRandom (Speck999) that will serve food for the community.
    2) A Large, Community Power plant with Power Lines for in-City Power hookup to shops.
    More to come!

    Server Status: [ONLINE]




    I recently set up a server. Total mods are RP, BC, IC, RC, CC, Adn some IC addons. However, upon trying to craft any mod item, the item displays and then disappears. Any insight to this issue?

    The server is Bukkit with Multicraft.

    Yea, thats it. I added 3 chambers, and put the on/off below one, so its now this:




    same as before, but with C=chamber. any ideas for that?

    EDIT: also, i'd like mk1 reactors only, the otterh one you told me about was mk2

    Hey! I just made my first reactor ever....its damn expensive. I don't feel like i'm now low on materials, just i'm not sure if its worth the time. My rector containment shiznit is 2 layers obsidian then 1 restone. Right now, i'm only running an mk1 at 20 eu/t. I was looking, to make that 25eu/t, i would have to make another advanced reacted lpatiing. Then, to make an efficient mk2, i'll need far more reacted chambers and-this water cooling really bugs me:

    So, reacter is in a 3x3 area.water surrounds it, but two side, for the redstone input and the fibre cable. However, his is the array of the cooling:

    first layer:





    Where w=water; s=stone; f=fiber cable; n=nuclear reacter; r=redstone(red power so water doesn't wash it away)

    Heres the design i'm using

    [] :Intergrated Plating: :Coolant Cell:
    :Coolant Cell: :Bio Cell: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:
    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Uranium Cell: :Coolant Cell:
    :Coolant Cell: :Intergrated Plating: []

    So, any feedback would be appreciated.


    Did I mention the quality of Mojands code is continously dropping? A mate of mine showed me the current release and the enchanting things… f.e. the 3x Drop pickaxe. Amusingly, using it on TNT drops only 2 TNT. Which means that the pickaxe isn’t even using the actual drop code (because then it would drop 0), but just adding 2 random block drops directly.
    Probably most don’t understand the severity of this, but that’s the code a new 12 years old modder would write for his favourite new DirtPickaxe mod. Not something you would exspect from a programming company.
    Either way, /rant

    Alblaka posted this on his blog. The 3x pickaxe isn't 3x every time. it relies on this table:
    infactm its calle dthe "Fortune" Enchantment.

    Level 1: 30%x2 drop
    Level 2: 25% 2 drop; 25% 3 drop
    Level 3: 20% 2drop; 20% 3 drop; 20% 4 drop

    Sounds good. I also heard Oni was making an easy mod installer, so thats also good. Se eyou when its back up. Also killersp, if you'd like, i'll happily take your stuff off your hands :D

    Well, i would have to pay, reason for :(

    Also don't shut this down kay, you're to l33t to give into crashes. KEEP IT UP!

    Its up! I knew you wouldn't give in! Also, know that id WATY rather it be up once in three days, if thats how bad it does get, than never. YOU ROCK!

    Dude, at the least include the map download. That really sucks, after this its industrial rage X( but if you do shut it down, post the map dl.

    HOWEVER. I'll keel you if you do shut it down. Don't be a turd.

    GUYS. If you do vote for th new map, all the stuff will be wiped. If you don't care, because you've "barley started anyway" PLEASE vote against it. i have been working really hard, and don't wanna lose my stuff. Also, you now CAN get back onto the old map to transfer stuff to the new one, and if you plain want to start anew, then don't transfer your stuff, rather have a new map and ruin it for other people.

    IGN: penguin27388

    Do you accept that as server owner, I retain my right to kick, ban, or otherwise take punitive action against you if you choose to:
    1.) Steal materials from other players.
    2.) 'Grief' or modify players structures without their [/size]consent
    3.) Not maintain a respectful attitude for all players, regardless of the circumstances
    4.) Build obnoxious structures such as 1-block dirt columns, or explore excessively.
    5.) Use unfair (subject to interpretation by me) mods such as X-ray or Flight