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    While i would love to make the add-on myself the folks sort of put some password on my computer and i can't install 80% of programs without some password they forgot. I've waited 2 weeks and they still have no idea whats going on. Anyways without JDK I can write the code but, i cannot encrypt and compile it as mods would be. Which drives me insane. I would really like to add these features and if i'm not mistaken their addition would be little more than a copy and paste (besides colors and Temp). I would want to do this myself but I know I can not rely on the folks for this.


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    yeah still cant find the recipe for pfaa geologica bog limonite (yellow and brown work fine) Also i noticed there aren't any addons that add new ores unlike the page that i made so i don't actually really have anyone else i can ask to help figure it out. I remember when we first got sapphire diversity and that was amazing. The idea is to do the same exact thing except for Beryl and copper. The other stuff really doesn't matter its just the new gems and ores.

    Also the new tiny ores are epic

    I actually can't find any other significant ores

    if those things aren't going to be implemented how would i make a small addon to do it? I've modded games such as civ before and i while i'm not sure how to use the programs (for some apparent reason most of them don't work on my laptop anyways considering there's a second layer password i don't actually know). However i do know one thing about source code, In the actual you built the mod from (the source file if i'm not mistaken) there is the information on the materials). What i did is i simply created new lines which can simply be copypasted into place. Considering most civ mods were the same, with a little tweaking of numbers and names one could make a mod for that. Now if you take an mc mod that already exists at the source hypothetically one could just change the numbers or copy the layout of existing ores to make similar replicas with slightly different stats.

    I also don't know how to do durability or color.

    Greg, considering i use projectred can we get a far higher small ore generation rate on Projectred volcanoes (considering they are sort of rare), like 10x small ore generation. As well as Basaltic Mineral sands being very commonly generated in them. It would be awesome if these volcanoes were actually useful to mine, because as of now they don't even have ore

    Fixed the ids so that there is no longer a conflict with the standard. The materials that already exist that i made ores for are meant to replace the current place that they take so that isn't an issue but the new materials were ones i just started at 4001


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    Testing the newest Version Rn! This is gonna be great.?

    I see this materials aren't in the mod yet ;(

    Everything is already done except for the melting points for the copper ores and the alike. The melting point for the beryl was easy as it is literally just emerald/morganite with impurities


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    5 year anniversary!

    Anyways my world sort of got corrupted so I really don't want to make a new world until there is a new worldgen feature. For now on i'm going to have my factory in twilight forest considering i'd far rather reset the overworld than the forest. I guess i will also not put quarries in the world i live in considering i often forget to remove it.

    This is what i have so far in the realm of the code, I still need help finding the other things but i will try to figure out byproducts and components


    Golden Beryl (iron) sort of lame but oh well Goshenite

    Red Beryl (Manganese) Goshenite

    Imperial Beryl (x2 Manganese) Goshenite

    Goshenite: Beryl Emeralds

    Cuprite will be a gem

    byproducts: copper, Malachite

    Chalcocite: similar to Chalcopyrite

    Bornite: not sure

    Laterite: byproducts Bauxite, Bog Limonite, Garneirite

    sifting (no idea how to do sift recipes) Si02 (30%) Bauxite 25% B/Y limonite 25% Peat 10% Garneirite 10% Cobaltite 5% Platinum Ore sludge 1>#/p###

    Argentite; same as galena

    Bog Limonite: Yellow/Brown 50% each. 10% Garneirite. Cobaltite 5% Platinum Group sludge 1%


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    Greg, do you know where the ore generator is located, i would love to do an overhaul and send u the files for both the new materials i'm making and a new 8 or 10 slot instead of 4 slot ore generation

    For example redstone will be the following









    as well i am planning on creating new stone types

    Komatite: Rare in overworld, common in nether

    Peridotite: Rare in Overworld, Common in nether (nether=mantle)

    Black Marble: 1/10 the spawn rate of marble

    White Granite: 1/4 as common in nether, does not spawn in overworld with pfaa

    Considering this i will need a link to the config or at least some info so that i could create a new config

    can i see the code for the following

    1 alloy

    1 ore (like limonite or Chalcopyrite )

    1 gem, like ruby (fools ruby could be realgar)

    with this i will make custom materials and send you the file, i assume each material has standard thermal, physical, chemical and hardness propreties, as well as a RGB color

    A few things

    Osmiridium isn't an ore

    Platinum Group Sludge cannot be broken into actual platinum group metals

    lateric soil from pfaa does not have a use

    white granite does not exist (at least the dusts and the items considering im using pfaa)

    does pfaa oil shale have an equivalent?

    Bog limonite does not have an equivalent while yellow and brown limonite both do

    just make it half yellow half brown

    Realgar could be oredict as fools ruby as they look identical

    Aresenic dont exist

    Carnotite k2 (uo2)2

    argentite (ag2) (unless this is represented by galena)


    azurite (looks like lapis but copper) Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2

    Chalcocite Cu2S (essentially chalcopyrite without iron) (Although it yields twice the copper as it)

    Bornite (important copper ore) 2Cu2S·CuS·FeS

    to be more specific but these two are essentially chalcopyrite with far more copper yields

    Cuprite cu2o (minor Ore of Copper maybe even a gem) it is about 90% copper. essentially like cassiterite

    Laterite clump

    Laterites consist mainly of quartz, zircon, and oxides of titanium, iron, tin, aluminium and manganese

    although iron and aluminum are also common. PFAA laterite has no use outside of being the location of bauxite and limonite

    colored emeralds (berl) just like sapphires these come in other colors

    Blood Emeralds (red beryl), Imperial beryl (purple (considered to be red but i like the distinction as they look different) Goshenite (clear beryl), Golden Beryl

    never knew emeralds were like sapphires and garnets in variety

    Garnet sands should give off mixes of garnets

    All in all you covered most of the industrial important resources but here are a few gaps.

    that's really all i could find