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    Lord Hadrius rebuilds the city of cide into a magnificent stronghold/technological utopia, and renames it Hadrius Primer. The emperor must face this new enemy on the fields of casas a region dominated by vast fields of rice, fortunately after the fall of cide the regions lord konri "the harvester" pleged his allegiance to the emperor and instructed his loyal subjects to build traps. The Emperor recruits more individuals and death machines into his cyborg army and assembles a second force one thousand strong sparsely in the area of casas.

    it shall be recorded in every history book in the universe that the death of Dilas the dark would translate to an even greater victory. The neighbors of our great infinite emperor were in great fear that Lord Hadrius wouldn't spare them from his conquests. News spread of his all female army and their exploits against the likes of Dilas. Dilas although hated never had ambition he simply lacked it, although this great emperor of soon to be all existence had great imperial ambition dwarfing that of even Genghis Khan. The emperor's neighbors sent ambassadors with such gifts as gold, silk and horses, gifts that he generally already possessed. One day however the emperor realized that these kings were giving him unwanted tribute from the backs of their great peoples and decided to conquer any lord that would commit such an act. These leaders upon realizing their injustice actually aggravated the great one, united together to form the alliance of Concre. Concre was an imperium created from the realms of kazo in the North, Buldroc in the south and vios in the east as well as their respective vassals. The empire of concre assembled a force of ninety thousand warriors and ten thousand Calvary to attack the great emperor.

    Lord Hadrius approaches the castle of Dilas with an army of ten giant death robots as extreme Calvary. ninety war tanks with giant cannons. Twenty five hundred female cyborg warriors that any man couldn't resist from their appearance despite the fact they were as strong as two dozen men. Dilas counters this force with an army of ten thousand foot soldiers, fifty seven TNT cannons and a hundred Calvary. The armies clash in an obvious victory for our hero, whom of which walks away with less than a hundred casualties. Dilas is dead in two minutes and soon after the remnants of his armies surrender to the great leader.

    The news of this overwhelming victory traveled far and wide. Messangers stuck in the humble fantasy of a medievil victory rode town to town warning each feudal lord. The message arrived at the city of cide not two days after. Cide was a massive city on a mountain where the at the top was lord hekrons "humble" abode.

    Dilas rolled over his town and taxed inhumanely. Lawerance brings his weapon to the tower door and seto up a massive quarry around the base. Dilas walks out of his balconey demanding both an explanation and our heros execution. Five guards assemble belbow each prepared to defeat lawerance. Lawerance unleashes his super weapon and quarries his tower out of existance. He with the same Machine builds a massive fortress down to the core of the world. Lawerance uses a robot army of which he just activated from a long hibernation upon his nase. The machines set up an array of tools for the new leader each design ed to further his March to victory.

    Our hero lawerance the smithy was In his factory one morning macerating tons of resources. He thought about his local lord, a jerk named dilas, a man of golden armour and an enormous brat who has all Donator items. Dilas is stuck in the past and with fortune he has not realized the greatness of gregs machines. Lawerance movessels walks to dilas and his mighty fortress, using an infinite backpack to hold a super weapon to lay siege upon dil as and his ancient castle.

    So in the city of happo gen a black smith who always wanted to visit the city of cide. This smith a man named lawerance knew he had a greater place in the world but, how would he obtain it how would he take what he is destined to recieve. This smith has built a massive ore refinery plant with the materials he received from greg the technological. Lawerance buit the machines from their respective kits.

    Jaknorium, a simple region dotted with small quiet villages. This story begins in that great provience. Each village is connected to each other through a great trade network known as the North. The North is the path of righteousness the main road of a seeminguy prosperous empire in the north of you guessed it minecraftia.