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    I know GT6 isn't complete, so I just have a couple questions on items that I "think" are not in Gregtech and we need to use the IC2 stuff. Essentially I'm trying to not use any IC2 machines and do everything with gregtech. Items I'm not able to figure out (all vids I can find use IC2 items).
    -- Pump: Appears to require a IC2 pump as the pump covers aren't in yet?
    -- Power Generation: Burning Box + Boiler -- steam to steam engine (KU), Electric Engine (EU) t o(RU), What I'm missing is how to actually produce the EU and/or convert the types around. If I'm reading other posts correctly on early pages it's not there yet? If so, great than I'm not missing anything. If there is a greg ways to do it what am I missing?
    -- The final question is long term power generation plan. Is coal meant to be a long term source of power or are there plans for other things? For coal it seems there is a lot of processing to be able to use it. Have to plan things out power wise to handle scale etc. (I'm ok with either way but more curious than anything)

    Hopefully I haven't missed said items in the changelog or early posts but I have been trying to figure this out for a bit. I "think" I'm finally up to the point to get my base past basic stuff and not seeing where the next step is without building other mods items.

    After spending way too much time farting around with things. I found that early game you are better off NOT smashing your magnetite down to impure dust. You get more iron with just crushing the blocks.

    7 magnetite to 3 dark ash == 3 iron bars
    21 magnetite to 11 dark ask == 11 iron bars

    More iron / block. The other side benefit is you also get 21 units of stone (I turn these into pick heads) that can be used to make throw away tools to help resources go just a little bit farther.

    Am I correct on this? If I'm right is this intended or a mistake?

    To get rubber, put sticky resin in a squeezer and pipe the resultant Latex into (a/several) coagulator(s). Then combine the resultant rubber chips in a crucible or extruder to get rubber sheets.

    The first goal of GT6 is to get one or more thermometers, however they take steel, so before then you just have to calculate/guess.
    The Google sheet Gregtech_crucible_Shared can help calculate the amount of fuel required for a batch.

    K, went back and took a look. I see the squeezer, not too bad. Need to make a boiler then a steam engine to run the machine. The next problem is the coagulator. From what I can tell you have to make stainless steel to make that. So what I'm seeing here, is there is quite a while where you are using the crucible without thermometer or hazmat suit. Is that correct?

    Using the latest gregtech (figured it was time to get back into it). I'm stuck at getting rubber. The old method of smelting it is gone and you have to have an extruder to get rubber (as far as I can tell). Is there a method that will be added for early game? If so, do you know what it will be and I'll just trade materials (throw away base to get the proper rubber) to simulate the work required.

    I am finding the new version 6 to be quite difficult to get started in, hardest one so far. The crucible process is quite confusing to work through and very tempermental (gone through quite a few crucibles so far lol). I'm wondering if I'm missing something or if it's really meant to be this touchy early game.

    Main magnet types
    Alnico -- two types, cast and pressed from powder. Cast types do not hold their charge as well and aren't as strong. Use in many automotive applications, too expense for speakers replace with ceramic type.
    Ceramic -- these magnets are generally made from wet pressing slurries, running through a kiln grinding then magnetizing. Not very strong but cheap materials. General use in in speakers, larger ones.
    Rare earth types: Hicroex and Neodimium. Both are made in similar processes, create powder, dry press, heat treat and then they diverge. Hx magnets do not need a coating as they don't oxide (rust) and can just be used. Thought not as powerful as their HxND brothers. Nd magnets oxide VERY fast and rust out quickly. These must be in a sealed coating or they will literally fall apart. In the plant where I worked (production engineer there for about 10 years) the factory workers had to be careful opening the Nd powder as it could instantly oxidize and go from room temp to 800 F. We had sand buckets in the press room to handle these situations, it happened.

    So those are different types, Hx / HxND are the rare earth families, MUCH more expensive but soooooo much more powerful than the other types. Heck with the Alnico magnets you can magnetize them (to a low level) just by hitting them, you can also "knock" the magnetization out of them. Not so with the other type.

    Hopefully Greg can use some of that in his design.

    Learned all this as my days as an engineer for Hitachi Magnetics Corp in the 1990's.

    I have just successfully smelted an entire stack of aluminium in a 512v blast furnace, entirely using sulfuric acid batteries for power. Which I did solely to use up some of my sulfur....
    I still have 26 stacks of sulfur.

    Fastforward to just after 4 more gregtech updates. "Dammit guys, I need sulfur to make the new XYZ machine Greg just implemented and I used it all smelting aluminium .... argggg" :D

    I want to thank you guys working on the wiki. I lurk a ton in this forum and post questions here and there. The wiki's are a godsend in using Gregtech. I can help validate content but with RL work I don't have time to be an editor. If you would like that let me know.

    Wondering how ore generation should change if you are playing in an amplified world? You end up having a lot more stone that you can dig and work you way through and a massive chunk of it doesn't have real ores (the small stuff is still around here and there).

    Is that something that should be changed or left as is? I can see either way, just curious on thoughts on the subject. The other question I have is if we have Gregtech, forestry, railcraft and AE2. Should I turn off all generation of all ours on those mods? just wondering if Greg generates all the ores that those mods need so we don't need them adding their own in? (asking more about apatite, saltpeter type items).

    Are you sure you're using GregTech pipes and not Thermal Expansion ducts?
    GregTech pipes don't spew items all over IIRC.

    Considering I didn't have Easy expansion installed ... nope ;). I was trying to pump items into a forestry farm. I know I was doing something wrong but wasn't sure what.

    I have tried getting Gregtech pipes to work in 1.6.4. I have been able to get the fluid ducts to operate and work fine for me. My issue with is with the item ducts. When I hook them up they send too many items pop them all over the ground etc. Does anyone know where I can find some vods out there showing how to setup and configure the gregtech pipes? Haven't been able to find anything myself.

    It's a % Chance. I have gotten 0 byproduct in a Universal Macerator going through a single stack of an item. Next stack I put through I got 15 by products. A % Chance means you can be lucky and unlucky.

    Hopefully a simple question for you guys. IC2 Experimental has explosion turned off. My concern is some of the transformers that I am using might blow up if it's turned on and I want to understand which way it works.

    8192 EU / T Main line connect LV Transformer to it ... should explode correct?

    8192 EU / T main Line-> EV Transformer -> HV Transformer -> MV Transformer -> LV Transformer proper connection mode that won't blow up.

    Is this correct? The second model is the proper way to connect things up?

    K so Cobalt

    According to NEI I can only get it from Centrifuged Nickel run through a Universal macerator with a 10% chance. To make a Thermal Centrifuge I need a Red Garnet or Ruby Lens .... To make those lenses I need a block of Red Garnet or Ruby that I run through a Plate Cutting Machine. To get a plate cutting Machine I need Cobalt .... to get Cobalt back to start

    Am I missing something here?

    Thanks for the info on the blast furnaces. I was always diving for IBF (finally getting a world past bronze stage lol).

    With 4.07u, I am still not able to make a machine box.

    Basic Casing with random parts in assembly machine doesn't do anything. Has the pattern changed? There is nothing in NEI for machine box anymore.