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    heyho for ur power problems i can highly recommend a gregtech steamturbine together with railcraft and some kind of insane junglewood farm ( i use mfr for that)

    here is my setup on my private server:

    the correct usage of pumpmodules and gregtech pipes is the key to get all the steam into your turbine. the openblocks tanks act as buffer and to save on my loved tungstensteel. on top pump modules into 2 input hatches

    all in all i got 2,4k eu/t, enough for all my 4 overclocker machines ^.^ and it looks good

    im actually looking for 3-6 active players, write me a private message if u would like to join, we got all as hardcore as possible

    hey guys, just crafted myself a jackhammer in version 4.07c and noticed it doesnt work, like it used to be, is there some kind of new aktivation ritual =P ? mines no blocks at all, but makes a nice sound

    also i noticed when i paint anything black with a spray can it cant be undone or recoloured