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    Game doesn't start when i try using this, at the FTB launcher log this is last entry:


    [SEVERE] [Forestry] ic2classic.core.IC2 failed validation. Halting runtime for security reasons. Please replace your mods with untampered versions from the official download sites.

    I'm using the 1.6.4 version of IC2 classic and forestry-A-

    There is a problem in server log, when Bevo's techpack 1.7.10 loaded up.

    I would appreciate a config option to disable update checking.

    You just need a bit of patience at the beginning. I highly recommend using IC2 with Applied Energistics mod's ME network. Once you get things rolling, you can simply tell the terminal to craft 1 MFSU and it does all the parts and ready product for you. It is a little bit fascinating watching the crafting monitor for all the little things it does for bigger projects, but also at the same time be satisfied for all the systems you have built for it to work.

    Also i'm a fan for solar panels, so Advanced Solar Panels mod was essential
    [Addon v1.118, v2.0 exp for MC 1.6.4] Advanced Solar Panels v3.4.6 + Quantum Generator + Solar helmets ![SSP/SMP]

    You'll come to see how difficult it is to build even 1 hv-solar panel in vanilla way (yeah that may be from "compact solars" mod, but doesn't every modpack have it?).

    I could use with some more information on how to run MOX reactor. My nuclear reactor is completely automated, really every single step even processing the depleted ones. But i'm worried about doing that for MOX because the fuel cells can stack... it might put them overlapped in the reactor and cause heating or weird problems. Secondly i only assume all design plans are run as they are, 0 heat. I have no clue on how to heat the reactor higher. If it involved removing specific heating vents from the reactor, i would assume some guide said so, and also there are 0 videos about MOX in youtube... it's like nobody knows how to run them.

    I have been running nuclear reactor in IC2 experimental for many days. End result is that we have several thousands of Uranium-238 and nothing to use it for. Plutonium reserves have been used for MOX fuel cells and RTG pellets, and everytime we get tiny dust from uranium ore, the 238 count only increases. Shouldn't there be like recipe to turn the 238 into 9 tiny, or something else?