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    I would like to confirm the issue: I did a full mod-load, & then updated lwjgl and got the following log yesterday:

    Redid the mod-load today starting fresh, but did the lwjgl upgrade first, then all mods but IC2, and finally IC2. Only when trying IC2 1.23 at the end did I get a Java crash.

    Redoing from vanilla without upgrading lwjgl is working so far.


    P.S. BC/BC-addons/IC2/EE/RP2/Rei'sMap/PG/WR/Matmos/Somnia/assort'd Risugami & DaftPVF mods are all working together with sound, using vanilla lwjgl (2.7.1?).
    Still need to build IC blocks to see if particular sounds are good.

    P.P.S. Sounds are good for IC2 without AudioMod and with the above mods installed on vanilla lwjgl.