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    Glad you like it!
    If you heat up the design and then put all the parts in, some of the hull heat will be transferred to the components through the reactor heat exchangers. They all need to be around 85% heat for the reactor to reach it's intended state. Maybe that's it?

    Edit: Haha now I know why I didn't find the URL thingy, NoScript was blocking it^^

    Yeah I worked out it was the heat exchangers. I forgot that their job is to make all components they are connected to, whether that be other components or the hull, have an equal percentage "brokenness". As the hull had a lot of heat and therefore brokenness and the heat exchangers didn't have any, they soaked it up presumably until they were the same percent to breaking MinecraftChar

    I made a working version of that:

    Omicron pretty much all the reactors I posted to this forum (it's actually only 4) work 100% and imho are different enough to be on a list.
    If you want to, I can compile that . But first, can someone tell me how to have a word be a link to the reactor planner (like the "clicky" you guys do) instead of copypasting the url? I know, I'm a noob^^

    Thanks a million that works a treat, stable at 9207+/-1 and generating 605+1-0 EU/t for a full cycle. Although for some strange reason, when I heated it up with just the Reactor Plating, Fuel Cell and Iridium Neutron Reflector and then stuffed the rest in in order with energised item ducts it lost all of its heat :S Yes the reactor was still on. Very strange but I suspect not related in anyway to your design. I will definitely chect out your other designs! Have all the :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: 8o

    As for how to insert a link with a name instead of the URL itself showing, when making a message, select the "Source" tab and click the link button. It will give you the chance to put an optional "Name" text to display instead of the URL itself 8)

    Recently started in a modpack with gregtech so im gonna try this silly little thing. (TPPI)


    I love it! And also using an Iridium Neutron Reflector isn't a waste at all if you are going to build a Fusion Reactor. This is because the Fusion Coils each have an Iridium Reflector in them, and they don't wear out at all (that's kind of the point of them). So that Iridium might as well be sitting in a reactor producing EU for you as sitting in a chest :P

    EDIT: Doh it doesn't work! There is a slight excess of cooling even though it says it's perfect in the version 3 reactor planner :l

    Meh. He asked for coding help in a previous post bro. So you are like, helping. Don't stress about it :thumbup:

    Thanks for the praise. :D I'm having a difficult time correcting the glitches though, so any help would be great. :evil: As I stated earlier, I'm a noob at java. :P

    Also: New video!

    Yeah I'm a final year computer science student MinecraftChar. We use java and c++ in our course. And I would be happy to help. I don't have any experience with Minecraft modding though MinecraftCow

    Oh and we did a metric crapton of stuff on OpenGL and graphics