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    I've been playing around with adding GT 4 to a TFC pack (1.6.4), it's actually not bad.

    The charcoal process really holds you up for a long time at the beginning of, well, anything GT.

    Yeah I'd like to find that guy's request to include GT into TFC. I can't remember if it was 7.10 or not though. Yeah, fusion reactors would be fun again.

    P-P-PRENERFED TORCHES! Man this sounds more like ermahgerd than like combobreaker. Also I am not going to steal Code, I'm stealing Ideas and not Code. Also what do you mean with prenerfed Torches.

    I was so excited about the new Super Meat Bros Episode, but they got stuck on World 5 Warpzone 1 the whole Episode long...

    I think you guys all missed the tongue-in-cheek aspect to the post. Yeah, I meant the torches that go out after a while. I was mainly indicating with the post that it would be soooooo awesome to have early game be TFC and mid to end game be GT. That's all.

    Imo, that is just boring. WHy would you care about some modpack guys? SUre, they got views on youtube and shit, but the only thing they really affect is how many dickheads we will get here asking stupid questions and ignoring the faq.

    Wow. You do realise you used your "outside voice" right there, right? If you want people to be mature enough to read the faq, maybe we can set an example of decency ourselves?

    You may have missed the point. The point is that we like to build and this is what Minecraft is about. Bounding boxes hamper gameplay when implemented this way. It is not a feature. It most likely will just take work on Greg's part to code...but maybe he doesnt want to spend his time on this. Who knows the real reason.

    TY for the disassembler tip. They don't last long enough for the amount of digging we have to do mid game. I'm not sure it's worth it to make another drill. The stainless is too precious!

    In other news, why can't we "reach" through pipe or wire blocks to place blocks behind them if we can see through them? Do I have the terminology right by saying "bounding box", and that it fills the whole block no matter the size of the object within.

    How does one repair gregtech electric tools? Ive heard that you can....and I have searched and come up empty handed. Is there a machine? I made a gt drill and it broke and disappeared... It was the first and last gt tool I made.

    not Sure this is the correct thread for Gtegtech questions...but here we go. Feel free to move this thread, moderators.

    The chest the pointer is on is the recipient of the dusts turned ingots i throw into the Automatic Furnace on the left. The pipe under that macerator on the right is coloured blue and the pipe to the left is coloured white. It should be impossible for the item to be smelted to end up in that chest. According to the pipes I have arranged, they should end up in a chest on the left, along with the items from the induction furnace (with a conveyor cover) and the alloy smelter.

    What gives, Greg? lol

    All outputs on all machines are facing down and auto item ejection is clicked on. Should I just update GT?
    -On Forge 695 with GT latest version as of a week ago or something.