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    Thanks for the reply to my quartzite issue. So far 10 more veins and still no quartzite. I was just posting a suggestion to BloodAsp to let him know that quartzite now can gate progress. I was unsure if my issue was big enough to post on Github as its not really a bug but intended gameply with the original Gregtech. Now with the emitter needed for the basic circuit assembler, quartzite has become extremely important when entering MV age. I don't think that it was intended and unfortunately the RNG Gods in my world are not generous with quartzite.

    I have come across an issue that has halted my progress with the new circuits. I am unable to craft the Basic Circuit Assembler due to it needing an emitter (lv) which requires a Quartzite Crystal. I so far have been unable to locate a Quartz vein. I have over 70 locations that I have dug and found 6 sapphire, 5 restone, 2 monazite, and even 2 diamond. So far I have not found Nickel or Quartz eventhough most of my area is extreme hills so lignite, coal and bauzite is abundant. Gregtech has a history of having multiple ways to get gate keeping items. Need diamonds you can either get one with luck from small diamond ores, make a cobalt pick and mine diamond vein, or find it from chests in dungeons. My issue is there is no other way to get Quartzite. Nether only has Nether Quarts. There are no small Quartzite ore. Quartzite is also not available as dungeon loot. Unfortunately the RNG Gods have not granted me any luck in finding Quartz. So I am left making manual circuits and limited making mv machines until I can find Quartz.

    My suggestion is to add small quartz ore that gives a chance for quartzite cristals, quartzite dust, certus quartz dust or certus quartz dust. When playing as single player this gets extremely grindly real fast trying to find quartz.


    There are some little known things like the setup of the EBF in early electrical age along with other things that sometimes frustrates some players. There are information on the Wiki and some Youtube videos but most are a couple of years old. One exception is a new tutorial and Let's Play/Server series by Bear989Sr (Search for Minecraft Bears Den on Youtube). He is doing an new tutorial series with CrazyJ (also on Youtube) on getting started with Gregtech machines and the new circuit changes in the Experimental branch. He also has some older multiblock tutorials of some of the GT5U specific machines. His videos are sometimes funny but I have to give a warning that they might be PG-13 rated for language (Disclainer from Bear989Sr himself). :D

    Find a vein with garnerite/nickel/cobaltite. Make a pickaxe from cobalt. Find the diamond and dig it with a pickaxe.

    Or find a vein of coal. Make industrial diamonds.

    I was wondering how to get the next level mining without needing electric machines. So this makes the steam macerator a requirement now to make the circuit boards where the steam macerator could be skipped before. I just wished that the steam macerator needed a diamond dust cutter of some kind instead full diamonds. A suggestion would be a steam wood cutter that would use a diamond dust cutter and make 4 planks and some small piles of wood pulp. It gives another way to get wood pulp and have a use for the diamond dust in the stream era. You would still need the saw for sticks though.

    Thanks for the suggestion for the cobalitite....I guess it back to mining again.

    Question if I am missing something in GT5U 5.09.29 when trying to go from the steam age to electrical age (I believe its still to make a basic steam turbine) I am unable to make the coated circuit board since I am unable to make the 3 wood planks needed. The only recipe is 8 wood pulp in a compressor make the wood plank. The issue is how do you get wood pulp in the steam age? It looks like there are a bunch of recipes from electric machines. The only one that might make since is the Pulverizion recipes. I do not know if the stream macerator might work. The issue I have is early game diamonds to next to impossible to get. Has anyone been able to make the early circuits and have any suggestions?

    BTW thanks Blood for continuing GT5.