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    Thanks for the reply to my quartzite issue. So far 10 more veins and still no quartzite. I was just posting a suggestion to BloodAsp to let him know that quartzite now can gate progress. I was unsure if my issue was big enough to post on Github as its not really a bug but intended gameply with the original Gregtech. Now with the emitter needed for the basic circuit assembler, quartzite has become extremely important when entering MV age. I don't think that it was intended and unfortunately the RNG Gods in my world are not generous with quartzite.

    I have come across an issue that has halted my progress with the new circuits. I am unable to craft the Basic Circuit Assembler due to it needing an emitter (lv) which requires a Quartzite Crystal. I so far have been unable to locate a Quartz vein. I have over 70 locations that I have dug and found 6 sapphire, 5 restone, 2 monazite, and even 2 diamond. So far I have not found Nickel or Quartz eventhough most of my area is extreme hills so lignite, coal and bauzite is abundant. Gregtech has a history of having multiple ways to get gate keeping items. Need diamonds you can either get one with luck from small diamond ores, make a cobalt pick and mine diamond vein, or find it from chests in dungeons. My issue is there is no other way to get Quartzite. Nether only has Nether Quarts. There are no small Quartzite ore. Quartzite is also not available as dungeon loot. Unfortunately the RNG Gods have not granted me any luck in finding Quartz. So I am left making manual circuits and limited making mv machines until I can find Quartz.

    My suggestion is to add small quartz ore that gives a chance for quartzite cristals, quartzite dust, certus quartz dust or certus quartz dust. When playing as single player this gets extremely grindly real fast trying to find quartz.


    There are some little known things like the setup of the EBF in early electrical age along with other things that sometimes frustrates some players. There are information on the Wiki and some Youtube videos but most are a couple of years old. One exception is a new tutorial and Let's Play/Server series by Bear989Sr (Search for Minecraft Bears Den on Youtube). He is doing an new tutorial series with CrazyJ (also on Youtube) on getting started with Gregtech machines and the new circuit changes in the Experimental branch. He also has some older multiblock tutorials of some of the GT5U specific machines. His videos are sometimes funny but I have to give a warning that they might be PG-13 rated for language (Disclainer from Bear989Sr himself). :D

    Find a vein with garnerite/nickel/cobaltite. Make a pickaxe from cobalt. Find the diamond and dig it with a pickaxe.

    Or find a vein of coal. Make industrial diamonds.

    I was wondering how to get the next level mining without needing electric machines. So this makes the steam macerator a requirement now to make the circuit boards where the steam macerator could be skipped before. I just wished that the steam macerator needed a diamond dust cutter of some kind instead full diamonds. A suggestion would be a steam wood cutter that would use a diamond dust cutter and make 4 planks and some small piles of wood pulp. It gives another way to get wood pulp and have a use for the diamond dust in the stream era. You would still need the saw for sticks though.

    Thanks for the suggestion for the cobalitite....I guess it back to mining again.

    Question if I am missing something in GT5U 5.09.29 when trying to go from the steam age to electrical age (I believe its still to make a basic steam turbine) I am unable to make the coated circuit board since I am unable to make the 3 wood planks needed. The only recipe is 8 wood pulp in a compressor make the wood plank. The issue is how do you get wood pulp in the steam age? It looks like there are a bunch of recipes from electric machines. The only one that might make since is the Pulverizion recipes. I do not know if the stream macerator might work. The issue I have is early game diamonds to next to impossible to get. Has anyone been able to make the early circuits and have any suggestions?

    BTW thanks Blood for continuing GT5.

    Regarding the Electric Blast furnace Setup for early game: I have read the Q/A and this is not a question about duct tape but may be the reason why so many have been asking recently. I noticed that the recipe for steel has changed in NEI and the old recipe of coal dusts and iron was changed to oxygen (liquid) and iron. How do you exactly setup the EBF to create steel early game? The only recopies in NEI are 3 using a centrifuge and the rest are from electrolyzer of ores which are no possible until getting MV Electrolyzer. Also coal dust is no longer needed for steel? Seems odd to get ashes out but no coal dust going in? Does a different input hatch have to be added to get oxygen? The tooltip for EBF does not indicate that its needed. The new wiki is seriously out of date for the EBF.

    Could other users give me some feedback on how to do early game EBF setup to create steel?

    Edit: no indication in NEI that oxygen cells can be used. Would a recipe of iron and oxygen cell work?


    damn I can't quote anything now

    First of it,I'm not playing GT5,I'm still playing GT4.My friend playing GT5
    They reported EBF stopped by itself and the use of time is not enough to make an Al ingot out.

    I think there is a slight issue with the EBF prior to having Al production. Since there is no duct tape anymore early game the EBF is very inefficient. When the EBF was working you needed almost a perfect setup to produce Al. Now it needs even longer amount of time and consistent supply of steam to your turbines so you need either large bronze pipes or steel piles. Since the MV pumps require Al, you have to use the LV pumps which only pulls 640 mL steam. You need 8 pumps to supply enough steam for 2 steam turbines, You need another 8 pumps to supply another 2 turbines to create AL in the inefficient state. You are also required to have a railcraft tank, I don't think there is a way to keep enough small boilers going early game to supply enough steam consistent enough so you don't loose your Al. This is not a rant but it is a significant hurdle in early game to try and overcome. It seems like the options for setups are significantly limited. It would be nice if there is a way to fix the EBF prior to needing Al for get duct tape.

    Edit: When the EBF stopps and you loose your product, it means that the EBF does not have enough power to complete the process and you loose your ingot as a penalty.

    Do you have WAILA? If so, if you look at one of these stone blocks, what does WAILA say their block name is?

    WAILA says its Stone (Minecraft). Noogenesis has reported on the COG forum that he has fixed this bug and will put out an update tomorrow. Luckly I have a backup before I went to the Nether so I can restore and regenerate the ore. Thanks for the help all.

    It is the ore not loading properly. Relog/reconnect and it should fix itself.

    Thank SpwnX for the suggestion but it still is not doing the ore correctly. I totally quit Minecraft and reloaded from the start and the ore blocks are still Vanilla stone. Even judt tried saving and reloading the world does not fix it either.

    Edit: Noogenesis has responded on the COG thread and says he has a fix for this issue and will do an update tomorrow.

    Odd bug in the Nether with latest GT (5.05.10), PFAA (0.2.11),and COG (1.2.12). Where the GT ores should be are Vanilla Stone (See attached). I have checked several blocks around my portal and there are absolutely no GT ores. The option for COG in dimension -1 was set to false so I don't think PFAA or COG are overriding the ores. Has anyone else had this issue? How do I resolve it? I am trying to figure out which mods are causing the conflict or if it is a config issue. On this world, this was the first time that I went to the Nether since upgrading my mods.

    Just a couple of questions on GT 5:

    With the addition of new machines that added Forestry functionality, is there a machine or planned set of machines to create biomass or is the Forestry Fermenter the only way to generate biomass? I am looking for a GT way to generate some power with the overwhelming number of sampling from tree farms. The default Forestry is way OP.

    Is there any processing or planned processing for the PFAA Oil Shale?

    Also are there any plans to add processing for Fluorite (CaF2). It is mixed with sulfuric acid to form hydrogen fluorite where it is used in a chemical bath to extract Aluminum from ores.

    I was able to load the 1.7.10 test version in a test world with the latest IC2 (build 623), Railcraft, Forestry (3.0), Project Red, Thaumcraft (4.2), PFAA, and several others. I have not tried to load my 1.7.2 world yet but that will be the next test. The only bug I have is COG is loading with debug on. That is one that I need to report to Noogenesis.

    I do what many manufacturing and industrial companies do, I build multiple alloy smelters or extruders and set each one for a different mold. In real life machines that have specific molds have to be manually changed to use a different mold. In most cases the basic or advanced extruders and alloy smelters are cheap enough to build a second or third if you want a fully automated factory.

    So you have no Idea how Stuff works and still try to "help" me with the Development of my Mod? Seriously, there is a Tooltip saying that the Transformer gets Inverted when you use the Rubber Hammer on it, and you complain about the fact that it successfully inverted the Transformer making Input to Output and vice versa (like the Transformers in IC2) causing the Transformer to switch Voltages too according to that, causing an explosion because you inserted a too high Voltage?

    I think he was referring to the message that you get in the chat window that states "Machine processing enabled/ Machine processing disabled" when you use a rubber hammer on a transformer. It would be nice if this message stated something like "Transformer is step-up / step-down" when using the rubber hammer. I do appreciate the filled circles indicating the output and unfilled circles indicating input and the cross circle being the higher voltage side.

    Do you have the broken 5.03g Version or the reuploaded one?

    It should be the newer re-uploaded one. I downloaded it long after your notification that you ninja-updated the 5.03g version. I will do some additional test late tonight to see if it is GT or interaction with another mod. It did seem that it took some time >1 hour for the lag to get really bad. I was in the nether blaze farming when the lag made it impossible. Returned to my base and the lag continued.

    I am encountering some additional lag with GT 5.03g installed. It seems to get worse as time goes along. Minecraft seems to stop for a second or two every few seconds. When I switched back to GT 5.03f the lag was gone. I am trying to do some additional testing to see if it is another mod but so far I am unable to narrow it down. Is anyone else encountering some lag with GT 5.03g?

    Maybe due to size restrictions limit it to just the regular/large size pipes since the huge pipe already fills 1 block size. So maybe add bronze insulated fluid pipe, steel insulated fluid pipe, etc? The recipe would be a fluid pipe plus a couple of asbestos meshes in assembler?

    Edit: Also I would like to state that having temperatures in Celsius instead of kelvin would be better for the general player base since most people >100 hot <= 0 cold, most people really cannot relate to the Kelvin scale. I know this was a recent change in IC2 but I really don't see it as an improvement. This is just some feedback and suggestion.