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    Yes it does and its not just the dust but the fibers that cause cancer. But in the semi-realistic (you can swim in lava and live) game I thought that it would fit to use asbestos in the same way that it was used in the 1950's through the 80's as pipe insulation. Maybe some time late there would be a sickness that occurs if you are playing the same world 12 to 20 years later.

    Edit: Thanks SpwnX for asking Greg. I wish there was another way to protect from the hot pipes other than the fire resistance potion. also I wish it would just set you on fire instead of instant death.

    That is kind of why I though that rubber plates would do something. Also it is a bit odd that you can take a dip in a lake of lava with armor on and get right out and all it does is light you on fire. It usually stops before you die but if you step on a pipe with lava in it, you die immediately. no fire on warning you are dead.

    One suggestion would be to use Chrysotile (Aspestos) as using the Chrysotile dust in a wire mill to create Asbestos fibers (similar to the carbon fibers used to make carbon mesh. Have it make an asbestos plate that is a heat insulator.

    I discovered that there is a new feature in the last update that occurs when you walk on top of a pipe that is carrying lava, you die. Is there a plate that you can use to cover the pipe so you don't die when walking on it? I tried rubber and died as fast as with no cover. All metal cover you also die. Also if you touch a steam pipe it hurts. There should be some kind of cover (insulated cover) that can be used for hot pipes?

    Here is my section of the recipe.cfg for the Thaumcraft research that is set to work without Thaumcraft and works with 5.03d.

    Did something change in the last update that caused Ethanol to no longer work in a Diesel Generator? They are all full but will not produce any electricity.

    Edit: After further testing I used a wrench to remove and replace a diesel generator and it no longer excepts Ethanol. I hope this is a bug.

    I believe all are Thaumcraft as there is no other research related to GregTech that is not Thaumcraft related as far as I know. So yes all 18 need to be set to false. That is why adding Thaumcraft so the entire config can be written is suggested. Once the config Research section is set to false, then remove Thaumcraft and GT should load without any errors.

    Known issue. Railcraft screwed up (badly) by including the Thaumcraft API within its files. The only solutions are to either remove Railcraft, or add Thaumcraft.
    Several days ago when this issue was discovered, a solution was proposed involving adding Thaumcraft to allow GT recipe generation, then removing it after generation was done. This does not work; the same error occurs.
    A second solution, deleting the Thaumcraft API from the Railcraft .jar file was also proposed. This allegedly causes Railcraft to crash (although I have not tested it personally).
    My adaptation was simply to add Thaumcraft to my GT pack. Not the ideal solution, but I wanted to have Railcraft more than I didn't want to have Thaumcraft.

    You have to disable (set to false) the Thaumcraft recipies in the GregTech config files before removing Thaumcraft. I am running 5.03a with railcraft and NO Thaumcraft so it can be done.

    uwotm8 - Are you sure that you had the correct amperage wire hooked up to your battery buffer? How many batteries did you have in your buffer? If it was 4 then you need a 4 amp wire coming out of the battery buffer. Higher amperage will turn wires to fire which if next to a machine = boom. I allway check for loops and to make sure I am running enough amperage from my generators so I never exceed the amperage possible.

    So are there any recopies left that uses the basic extruder now that rubber and plastic require 128eu?

    uwotm8 - Sorry about your lost base. I usually cut any active power when I am putting in any new transformer and modifying any wiring. It is kind of the way that you would do it in real life. I then go back and double check for any cross wires before attaching back to the main power line. I also use iron covers to separate wires or machines with different voltages or if it would cause any loops in the layout. Also I make regular backups just in case.

    For those that are looking to resolve the Thaumcraft api issue with Railcraft that causes GT5 to crash, these are the steps to quickly resolve the issue.

    1) Download Thaumcraft 1.7.2-1.1.14 and put into your mods folder. This is done only to speed the process of turning off the GT recipes otherwise you have to start Minecraft wait for crash, fix config and repeat for 17 additional times as GT adds the recipe it crashes because of the bad Thaumcraft api.

    2) Download the latest GT5 and put into your mods folder.

    3) Start Minecraft and wait until you are at the main menu. Quit Minecraft.

    4) In your config->GregTech folder open the file Recipies.cfg.

    5) Search for "reasearch" and once tou find that section set all flags from true to false. Save the config.

    6) Remove Thaumcraft from the mods folder before starting Minecraft again.

    As I stated above you do NOT need Thaumcraft to fix the issue. Just putting Thaumcraft into the Mods folder speeds up the creation of the config files and gets you back into Minecraft faster.