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    Do you mean to say that the newest GT version is actually dependent upon having Thaumcraft installed?

    (Also, the fix to the problem should be to just delete the Thaumcraft folder from the Railcraft .jar file.)

    Just to let everyone know I tried to delete the Thaumcraft folder in the Railcraft jar and it made Minecraft crashed with " java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: mods/railcraft/common/carts/EntityLocomotiveSteamMagic" without Thaumcraft. So right now either we stay with GT 5.02d with Railcraft. Remove Railcraft, or install Thaumcraft. I can only request Greg (please) to possibly to add a config to disable the Thaumcraft research in GT as a temporary fix. I know the issue is with Railcraft but who knows when it will get fixed.

    Greg I tracked down the issue to Railcraft 1.7.2- That is the mod that has the outdated api. If I install Thaumcraft 1.7.1- the crash goes away. I left a message on the Railcraft forum.

    The sad part is that if people that play GT and have Railcraft installed and do not have Thaumcraft we are stuck with version 5.02d for the foreseeable future.

    Thanks for your response to track down this issue.

    What version of mc and ic should I use for the latest build of gregtech? Title says 1.7.2, but the lastest build of ic seems to be for 1.7.10.

    IC2 Experiemental build 484. That was the last version of IC2 for Minecraft 1.7.2.

    Edit: Dang beat by SpwnX. If the Brazilian team is as fast as SpwnX was tonight I will feel really bad for the Netherlands on Saturday.

    A hammer used against a regular ore block = 1 crushed ore. Want more you need to use a macerator.

    A pick used against a small ore get either crushed or, impure ores, etc. Seems like if fortune enchant is applied here you should get additional drops but I am not sure if that works here.

    A hammer used against a small ore block? I think it just drops the same as used by a pick.

    So your question still stands MrPeach...What is the point of a hammer having fortune?

    Seems like it should at least drop a small byproduct maybe. No much but something for having fortune enchant.

    Actually I managed to make having different mod packs for different versions of Minecraft work. You just specify the game directory in the launcher. Seems like minecraft will look in the default path for its stuff but will then look for your stuff (saves, logs, configs, mods) in the game directory you specify.

    After installing the version of forge you select the version of forge from the dropdown menu on the launcher and then click the copy profile. While editing the copy profile name it some different and most importantly find a new location for the game directory. Also make sure you have the right java parameters set for permsize and memory then click save. Launch you new profile will launch the game and create all the needed directories. Quit once Minecraft launches. You then can copy over your mods and configs. You should create a 1.6.4 profile and copy over your existing mods and configs so you can go back to the 1.6.4 at any time. This way you can create as many profiles and mod packs as you want as long as they all have different game directories. Best practice is to leave the default game directory blank so you can launch snap shots and pre-releases if you want without having mad issues.

    Would anyone here be willing to modify natura 1.7 so that all the logs and planks are oredict? I can do it via minetweaker but it doesnt register until after gregtech so the planks still make 4.

    MrPeach, Natura's developers have asked that Natura not work with GT and Greg has added code so it and other mods under the save developers will not be changed like other wood from other mods. As long as the current development team feels that way it will not. The mods will load but not be cross-compatible.

    It is NOT Slot 0. Why didn't you try other Slots such as Slot 1 or Slot 2?

    Greg I tried slots 0, 1, 2, and 3 without any luck. The tetrahedrite dusts just collect in the buffer and they are not being sent to the centrifuge when the amount in the buffer equal or exceed the set amount. I went back to my 1.6.4 world where I had some regulators hooked up to centrifuges and electrolyzers and they were all set to slot 0 and worked just fine. I am not an expert with GT so I try setups that have worked in the past. I adapt to new mechanics once I find out that they have changed. Several mechanics have changed in GT5 and that is fine and exciting. I have only reported issues when thing do not work as it has in the past or as logic would seem.

    Has anyone else have the Basic Regulators working with a centrifuge or electrolyzer working so I can see what I am doing wrong?

    Question for anyone using GT5.0 Regulators: I have a low voltage regulator sitting on top of a Advanced Electrolyzer. I have a 4 Amp 32 EU volt power to the LV Regulator and a 4A 128 EU Volt power to the Advanced Electrolyzer. For some reason the LV Regulator will not pass the item stack to the Electrolyzer. Does the Regulator have to be the same voltage as the electrolyzer and/or centrifuge? Can a LV Regulator send stacks to higher tier machines as long as it get the correct power? Is it the same for the Item and Type Filters?

    Also Greg you were right I had the wrong recipe on my bug report. I was looking at an electrolyzer recipe instead of the blast furnace recipe. Is there any way that you can use your new machine layouts for NEI instead of the IC2 ones? It would show all byproducts and get rid of that half cut slot on the centrifuge.

    Darn we got more Modded Minecraft drama before we could get to page 1900. There went the neighborhood.

    Edit: I replaced my Basic Centrifuge with an Advanced Centrifuge. I placed a Basic Type filter above the Advanced Centrifuge and the Basic Type Filter is working so it looks like the item and type filters can work with any level of machine. I then set up the Basic Regulator on top of my Basic Centrifuge and supplied power and it does not work. It collects items but does not pass the stack to the Centrifuge below when the stack size reaches the set size.

    Minor bug report GT 5..02C

    In NEI the recipe for Annealed Copper from Annealed Copper Dust in the Electric Blast Furnace shows that it uses 1,740 EU at 2/sec and 30 EU/tick. Actually putting Annealed Copper in the Electric Blast Furnace to close to 1 minute at a significant amount of EU. Either the recipe in NEI is incorrect or the actual implementation has a slight bug.

    Bug Report GT 5.02b:

    This is a bug with the Advanced Electrolyzer. I was using the Advanced Electrolyzer to break down Vermiculite (Fe3Al4Si4H2 (H2O)4O12) into its components. The recipe calls for 29 Vermiculite and 12 empty cells. In NEI, it shows only 4 items back: 3 Iron, 4 Aluminum, 4 Silicon, and 2 Hydrogen cells. I assumed since the Advanced Electrolyzer has 6 slots that I would get all 6 components back. I assumed that NEI only showed 4 was because it is showing the IC2 Electrolyzer which can only show 4 items. Well after processing the Vermiculite in the Advanced Electrolzer, I only got the 3 Iron, 4 Aluminum, 4 silicon and 2 Hydrogen cells. I did not get the 4 Water cells and 6 Compressed Air cells that I would assume. So in order to process Vermiculite I have to loose 10 empty cells which is 20 tin right now. This does not seem like it is working as intended. If it is working as intended why would a recipe eat 10 cells just to process it? It seems like it is over punishing if it is intended. I also tested in a test world with the Advanced Electrolyzer III and got the same result. The recipe should either use 2 cells since you get 2 back or return the 4 water cells and 6 compressed air cells along with the other 4 items that I got back.

    This may not work for everyone (or most, even). Due to line-loss and loss from batteries/transformers/etc. and the machine itself, long-term use of 3-hatch loads will likely result in a power-out after a few runs. It's only suitable for reasonably efficient short runs. (So, aluminium is fine. But if you were, say, smelting a half-stack of tungstensteel? Yer a goner.)

    I had to move my turbines and put them right below the Electric Blast Furnace in order to get it to work correctly. I ran into the same issue and that is why I suggested to add some additional information to the tool tip to reduce the number of common questions.

    I noticed a message in game that CCC and NEI was updated but there does not appear to be anywhere to download the new versions. I am guessing this is just a update to be compatible with 1.7.10.

    Every of the up to 9 used Items has a 20% chance each, you can have bad luck with that.

    It is intended to eat your Stuff, because Multiblocks give a worse punishment than regular Machines.

    Thanks for the response Greg. I was just reporting since the issue since it seemed out of place for your mod. This is a new game mechanic so it just needs to be made clearer what is happening. I would suggest changing the message on the control block to say something like "The product was lost due to insufficient energy. Hit with a soft hammer to restart the machine."

    I would also suggest changing the tooltip for the multibock structures to indicate that more than 1 energy hatch can be used. like: "1-4x Energy Hatch(s). The tooltip makes it seem like only 1 energy hatch can be used. When I first had the Electric Blast Furnace working I had 1 4-amp zinc cable hooked up to 1 energy hatch and nothing was working. The message in the control block gave no indication that it did not have enough energy connections.

    These are just a few suggestions for cosmetic changes to help non-hardcore people to understand why things are not working or why something disappeared.

    Speaking of stuff disappearing, has anyone use the Basic Disassembler?

    I used the Basic Disassembler to deconstruct my old bronze Forge Hammer. I got 1 small fluid pipe back which can be smelted back to 1 bronze ingot. This does not seem at all close to 20% efficiency in the tool tip. The Forge Hammer needed 6 Bronze Fluid Pipes (6 Bronze Ingots), 1 piston (4 cobblestone, 3 wood planks, 1 iron ingot, 1 redstone), 1 Bronze Hull (8 Bronze plates), and 1 Iron Block (9 Iron ingots). I got 1 bronze ingot ingot back for the equivalent 14 Bronze and 10 iron ingots that was in the machine. That is about 4% return in ingot materials put in. Even less if you count the stone, wood and resstone. Well it appears that the Basic Disassembler returns items that was used in the final part of the recipe which would be 1/9 or 11% which is still way below the 20% in the machine. One question i have, is it random or is it determined what item you get back in the Disassembles? I can understand limiting the useful items that you get back with the tiers but we should get at least some scrap back that can be macerated and/or smelted to get some ingots back. Even getting some sand or saw dust for the stone and wood used in the machine makes some since but just getting back the cheapest item with no scrap makes the Disassembles totally useless and not worth to use until the final 2 tiers. We got more back in the old use a pick and get the machine hull back.

    Have anyone else have similar results with the Basic Disassembler?

    Each energy hatche consume two amperage, and a transformer can only output 4, so you need 8 amp to fully suply energy to all 4 hatches, what i did was puting 2 hatches close and an energy buffer of 4 slots to feed those two, made the same on the outer side to avoid connection, then all you need is enough power on bateries to suply it (8 lithium 32v batery, 4 each buffer, because each batery is 1 amp output).

    It is intended, multiblicks dont have an inside inventory, and Greg wants you to plan before doing your stuff or you lose.

    Thanks for the info and for your videos they do help. The eating of material really does not seem realistic. In reality if power fails in a Blact Furnace you would end up with a chunk of mess that you would need to ejected out before using the furnace again. I can see the machine giving a "Something is stuck message and needing the rubber (soft) hammer to remove the blockage and for the machine and eject out the original dust. There is something odd about stuff mysteriously disappears. So it is intended for the multiblocks to eat the dusts if something goes wrong. I can only hope that Greg might reconsider.