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    I had to put my turbines 1 wire away from the energy hatches to get enough power to the Electric Blast Furnace and revamp my whole steam delivery system to get it to work. I guess I miscalculated the amount of EU I had left. Thanks

    This is a fairly common question by now. Smelting most things in an EBF (before you have Aluminium for MV Hatches) requires the use of 4 LV Energy Hatches, each on their own cable, to supply sufficient EU/t to run the recipes.

    I added 3 additional LV Energy hatches but I have ran into a couple of issues. The first is the machine starts and pulls 1 Aluminum dust and then stops. I am guessing that it is not getting enough EU but it not giving the out of energy sound or warning (red !) that other machines give. Also it appears that it eats the aluminum dust as if I hit the machine again it starts working again and pulls in another dust. I am assuming that this is a bug and not intended to eat dust.

    I tried to re-arrange my energy network so the steam turbines are close to the. Turbines -> 4 amp tin cable -> LV->MV Transformer -> 3 copper cables -> MV-LV transformer on 1 harch -> 1 4-amp cable to each energy hatch. It seems like it will work longer than before but it still eats the aluminum dust and gives me nothing.

    As for the original issue I suggest that the tool tip for the Electric Blast Furnace be changed to show 1-4x Energy Hatch(s) so it is clear that the structure can use more than 1.

    Since the new Wiki for GT5 is still under development I hope that some of you can give me a little help with the Electric Blast Furnace. I have built the EBF according to the block diagram using cupronickel coils. The control unit warning about incomplete structure has disappeared so I am assuming that it is built correctly. I used the tools in the maintenance hatch to remove most of the remaining warnings. Finally I used the duct tape to fix the burned out circuits warning since the soldering iron is currently unavailable. The only warning message left is the "Hit with a Rubber Hammer to (re-)start the machine if it doesn't start." I hit every part of the of the machine with the soft hammer since there is no rubber hammer any longer. All I get is machine enabled and machine disable messages. I cannot get the Electric Blast furnace to do anything. I have a LV transformer below the power hatch with the MV side to the copper cable and the LV side connected to the power side so it should be getting power. I am not sure why it not starting.

    I have tested with some steel dust but noting happens. I put the steel dust in the input bus since there is no other place to putting in dusts. I noticed that the Electric Blast Furnace requires 120EU/tick Max energy. I am not sure if the Electric Blast Furnace functions the same as the Basic Electrolyzer where any recipes that require > 32 EU/tick needs 2 tier 128 Machine halls and Copper wires. If this is the same for the Electric Blast Furnace how do you get Aluminum Ingots since they also require 120 EU/tick Max energy? Then how do you get aluminum plates that are required for MY machine halls if you can't make aluminum ingots in a LV version of the Electric Blast Furnace?

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    If so what does the basic electrolyzer do?
    only very simple recipes, electrolize water, make charged certus crystal, all recipes below 32eu/t. it is the eu/t that say the voltage/tier of the machine, not the sum of all packets/amp , that is only true for multiblocks, because greg.

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    AFAIK all machines accept only 1 amp
    Not actualy true, machines takes up to 4, e-hatches and automation machines 2, all outer 1.

    Suggestion for the electrolyzers is to say "Minimum Required Voltage" instead of "Maximum EU/tic". The maximum EU/tic tends to lead someone to assume that if you have 4 amps of 32 EU tin cable you can power a electrolyzer recipe that needs a maximum of 60 EU/tic since I was supplying at least 100 EU with the 4 amps of tin cable. With the "Minimum 60 EU voltage Required" tells me that I need at least 1 amp of 128 copper cable to use that recipe and thus I need a 2nd tier electrolyzer.

    Bug or intended 5.01g with IC2 Jet Pack:

    Trying to make an electric jet pack and the recipe is available. when I try to craft it it is uncraftable. The recipe requires 2 glowstone, 4 iron casings, 1 bat box, 1 electric circuit. The elctric cricuit was crafted via the basic assembly machine and I made the batteries for the bat box using battery casings in a basic canning machine. When I try to assemble the recipe it does not allow me to craft the jet pack but the recipe shows that it it available.

    XSan9er - Currently the generator has been disable to make people use the Greg Tech generators and steam turbines. Greg Tech 5 is in early beta (and a little less alpha) and is still under development. The issue is known but has not been resolved in this new early version of Greg Tech yet.

    For those on the Kirara server or who have used the the new electrolyzers: I have a basic electrolyzer hooked up to 4 amp zinc cables with 4 steam turbines. Even with the loss from the generators (should be around 104 EU at the electrolyzer), I am unable to separate some dust which I have enough power for the recipe. For example Pyrite dust (FeS2) has a max EU is 60EU/tick. Kind of makes it hard to get silver since I have to separate galena dust which needs 90 EU/tick. The second tier electroylizer requires silver. Any ideas why the basic electroylizer is not working? Is a higher tier needed for even the simple recipies? If so what does the basic electrolyzer do?

    Just to let people know Noog updated PFAA Geologica to fix the blast resistance issue.

    Neakas : I believe most of people have been playing with PFAA Geologica in the over world since it has most of the ores we need. I have not seen anyone post a config for COG for the new Greg Tech ores. One may exists but it has not been posted.

    Bug report with new Ore Washer GregTech 5.01d:

    Built a Basic Ore Washer and supplied power (4 amp 32 eu Zinc cable) at the bottom. I attached a bronze fluid pipe to the back of the Basic Ore Washer. I put 22 crushed Chalcopyrite ore in the Basic Ore Washer. I noticed that it was not doing anything (as intended). I realized that I had the bronze pipe connected to the same side as the output (defaults to the back). So I wrenched the output to go to the top. That is when I noticed that the count of crushed ore in the input slot was counting down very quickly. The count stopped at 17 and then the central washing progress bar started working. I also noticed that the water count slot started going up and finally maxed out at 16. It appears that if there is not adequate water stored in the machine it eats the ore in the input slot until it has enough water to actually perform the task. The amount of water has to be greater than zero but less than 1 bucket. In my first test I lost 14 crushed ores. My second test worked after I picked up the ore washer and replaced it down and repeated by connecting the water pipe to the output, put crushed ore in the input slot, and then wrenching the output side to the top. The second test I had 17 crushed Chalcopyrite ore in the input and I ended up with 6 purified Chalcopyrite ore along with 6 tiny piles of Pyrite dust and 6 stone dusts. If there is water supplied before putting crushed ores in the ore washer it works as intended and it does not eat the crushed ore.

    Current workaround: Make sure that the water counter is greater than 1 before putting ore in the Ore Washer.

    Ok I'm going to repeatedly edit this post as I get more numbers

    -The Small Coal Boiler uses the same steam production math as it did on 1.6. (150L Steam / 25t = 6L/t)
    -The High Pressure Coal Boiler uses the same production math as it did on 1.6, however I had the math wrong. It produces 150L Steam / 10 ticks = 15L/t
    -All Bronze Steam Machines store 16,000L (16 Buckets) of Steam in their internal tanks.
    -All Steel (High-Pressure) Steam Machines store 32,000L (32 Buckets) of Steam in their internal tanks. However, bug, the Debug Scanner displays that Tank 0 has a capacity of 16,000. (Should be 32,000)
    -Also, possible bug, the Debug Scanner does not show the amount of Water stored in the internal tanks of Boilers.

    PaladinOne , axlegear - Thanks for the info. So I had the math wrong and it is making a bit more sense now. Thanks... I hope Greg might add tool-tips for the steam machines on how much steam are produced and required though.

    Pipe is probably too small. If you're using the steel/high-pressure machines, then the boiler is also too small.

    Use rubber hammer on steam smelter to disable it, wait until boiler is almost full of steam (that means smelter is also full), then reenable steam smelter. I has quite a large internal steam storage to complete operation.

    This why I am asking if this is a bug or there is something that I am missing. The small coal boiler does not seem like it can keep up with the bronze alloy smelter which is probably by design. Unfortunately there is no information in the tool-tip to indicate how much steam the small coal boiler can produce. There is also no information on how much steam is required for any of the bronze age machines. So I am left to guess. The electric generators and machines both list how much eu they produce maximum voltage and how much eu is required. This may be a feature request but maybe there should be some steam production and use information in the tool-tip for the boilers and machines. The only information available is the small bronze fluid pipe can carry 800L/sec. IIRC 1L = 1 bucket so that means the small bronze fluid pipe should carry 40 buckets of steam per tick. Unfortunately I have no idea on how much steam is required to make bronze so I have no indication on if I do not have enough steam production or if it is a pipe capacity problem. It seems odd that the steam boiler when full cannot fill the alloy smelter fast enough at 20l/tick. A little more information in game via tool-tips would help most players solve this simple engineering problem. It would also prevent multiple posts asking this question over and over again maybe.

    @Bug Report: Using the latest IC2 and GT alpha for 1.7.2. I have a alloy smelter hooked up to a small coal boiler via small bronze fluid pipe. I was smelting bronze when the alloy smelter ran out of steam and puts up the out of steam red !. It dumps all the steam that it had and only pulls in the little new steam produced by the boiler and alloy smelter immediately tried to complete the recipe and is out of steam again. I tried breaking the bronze pipe and allow the small coal boiler to fill up to almost the top (when boiler tops, some steam is dumped) and I reconnect the pipe. The alloy smelter immediately tried to do the recipe and gets half way through and runs out of steam. It repeats and gets almost all of the way but is just a tad short before it is out of steam. Now the alloy smelter is again out of steam immediately and never completes. It appears that the steam macerator and steam furnace both picks up if they run out of steam by the progress getting a bit further each time and they finally completes but the allow smelter never completes. While testing this only the alloy smelter was running. the other machines were disconnected.

    Electric machines could use batteries to solve the issue but with steam there is no early game storage and the only option is to wrench the alloy smelter and loose the tin and copper that was used to make the bronze.

    I know Greg is working on the 1.7 version but I found a couple of bugs with the current 4.08s version.

    For some reason the Greg Tech ores are not using the surrounding textures when surrounded by PFAA Geologica Stones. I am not sure if it is an issue with Greg Tech or PFAA. They are using the solid color as if it is not bounded by any other stone (i.e. Bauxite uses the bright red texture so it really stands out). The textures are also visible from all sides even with the config to hide ores turned on. It works with regular stone on the same world.

    Also the Industrial Electrolyzer recipe seems a bit off for Branded Iron Dust. The chemical formula for Branded Iron Dust is Fe2O3 and the recipe requires 5 dusts to get 2 Iron Dusts and 1 Compressed Air Cell. Seems like we are missing an extra Oxygen that we should get. Should the recipe require 10 Branded Iron dusts and return 4 Purified Iron Dusts and 3 Compressed Air Cells? 2 x (Fe2O3) = 4Fe and 6O where 6O = 3x(O2)?

    Well, I don't know how you get Sulfur that early, but to get my CESU I needed to actually find RC Sulfur Ore, because Gunpowder -> Sulfur is disabled (exploits).

    This reminds me on adding Sulfur as random rare drop from Cinnabar Ore.

    That was something I discovered when I was making my CESU. If you just have IC2 and you do not have Railcraft or any other mod that has some type of sufur then you are stuck and cannot do any tier 2 items in IC2. So far in my world I have not found any Railcraft sulfur. I used Ender IO Sag Mill to pulverize some Netherrack to get the sulfur I needed for the CESU. I only used the Sag Mill to get silicon (needed for some Ender IO conduits) and the sulfur. If you add a sulfur as a possible drop from Cinnabar that would be great. Also how about using the Ore Washing machine to clean the dirty pile of Cinnabar, and other dirty Nether ores for a small pile of Sulfur?

    I seem to have missed a whole hubbub I possibly created over PFAA? Yaaaaay.

    How's everyone finding it? I'm trying to track down the actual creator and get him over here where he can back and Forth with Greg.

    No response so far ,-,

    So far I like what I see with PFFA and the Geologica module. Just so some people are aware. When you start with PFAA Geologica your wooden pickaxe only works with the weakest stone which creates "rubble" To mine medium stone you need a rubble stone pickaxe. These rubble blocks can make a rubble stone pickaxe but it only has 25% durability of a vanilla stone pickaxe. With GT default nerf for stone tools set to true, the rubble pickaxe only get 1 use before breaking. Now this is hard-mode since you will need 11 rubble pickaxes just to get enough stone for a single pick axe and a furnace. Rubble cannot be used for the furnace only medium and higher stone can be used for a furnace. Also the medium stone pickaxe only has 50% durability of a vanilla pickaxe. This only gives that axe 2-3 uses. I have turned off the GT nerf for my PFAA test world for now. I am looking forward to seeing how the ore placement occurs. I already found redstone and gold near the surface in my test world.

    Verillia thanks for finding this mod and posting it in this forum. I think it could really enhance the playing experience and with GT offer some really fun game play. Also Noogensis has been on this forum and has been in contact with Greg so additional compatibility can occur with both mods (or at least that is what Greg posted a couple of days ago).

    Greg and I are working on the compatibility. I need to be more careful with the ore dictionary registration. Btw, Geologica now has its own forum post.

    Just an update: not sure what the issue was. In the process of backing up my world and trying it with and without PFAA copper macerating started working. So far I am unable to duplicate the issue and I am back on my world with PFFA installed. Nice to see that it has its own post. I hope that the mod gets some exposure. Thanks to both you and Greg with quick replies.

    I think I just found a bug: version 4.0.8b - IC2 Copper is no longer able to be macerated in the Automatic Macerator. When I put the IC2 Copper in it just sits there. I checked and it also looks like all copper is no loner to be macerated in Automatic Macerator as there seems to be no recipe in NEI for the macerator. Tetrahedrite still allowed in the Automatic Macerator

    Greg will probably fix it as soon as he sees this thread tomorrow (or tell us some top secret processing method that gets cobalt).

    I think I found another issue: NEI only shows that Advance Circuits are only made using Lazurite Dust which is only available using the Industrial Centrifuge, Universal Grinder, or Railcraft Rock Crusher. NEI no longer shows that Lapis Lazuli Dust is used for Advanced Circuits. I was able to craft the circuits using Lapis Lazuli Dust so it is still enabled. I hope that this is just a NEI bug as the only way in future versions for Advance Circuits is to get Lazurite Dust which uses the Industrial Centrifuge, Universal Macerator or the Railcraft Rock Crusher. Since the Industrial Centrifuge and Universal Macerator are fairly high end machine the only way to make Advance Circuits would be the Rock Crusher which takes a ton of diamonds to make.

    Edit: Also what is the way to get Sulphur Dust to make a CESU? I can't seem to use a Industrial Electrolizer on a Dirty Pile of Sphalerite Dust? The only alternative is to use a TE Pulverizer on Netherrack. I so far cannot find any early game way to get sulphur dust.

    BTW thanks Greg for all of your work cleaning up IC2 Experimental and all of the great features in your mod.