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    So I was testing out some systems involving IndustrialCraft 2, Buildcraft 3.1.3, and the BC - IC2 crossover mods. After some success, I decided an explosion was in order. 8 nukes and a reinforced bunker later, this is the results. Note: This may shock the younger audience. Viewer discretion is advised. (lol)

    Username / Nickname - MithosFall, Mithos, and Xero are all names I commonly go by. =)
    MC-Forum & Minecraft Username - MithosFall | IC-Forum Username - Xero
    Timezone - GMT -5 | EST
    Position - I would like to be a spriter on the design team.
    Experience - Instead of posting links, I'll just post some images of sprites I've done.

    My portfolio (lol) may not look very impressive but I assure you that I can do what's asked of me regarding sprites. Feel free to test me if you like. =)


    EDIT: Oh, yeah. I forgot; I also made some custom graphics for some of Minecraft's textures as well as textures in Minecraft mods (for personal use). If you'd like me to post them, I can. I thought they looked a bit better than the original.

    It's rather the fact i'm (as it's lead developer) currently extremely limited regarding free time, due to the SWProject for my studys ^^'. We're gonna work on the port next up (given no hotfixes for 1337 are ned).

    It's cool, man. Take your time.

    What I like having in Minecraft is many blocks with GUIs in my house like the Crafting Table. The enchanter and potion lab is what I like most about 1.0.0. Also the fact that there's an end goal now.

    The setup you created isn't bad at all. It would, in fact, be a good reactor design for a beginner.

    However, if you are looking for more efficiency and have enough resources, I would suggest taking a look at my second reactor design. It adds 2 more Reactor chambers than yours and has a few more of each item in the design. It's a Mark 2-7, which means that it'll continually generate EUs for 7 whole cycles and at 50 EU/t. So long as you're not automatically refilling it for 8 or more times in a row, you should be fine. This is a safe and pretty efficient design that I would recommend.

    Xero's Reactor Designs

    Hello, I'm new to the IC forums, though I've been using IC2 for a little while. I think I might be pretty good at designing reactor configuration, but that may be proven wrong. :P Anyway, all of these designs are original. I dunno if these have been produced before or not, but I worked them out on the Reactor Planner. I take criticism, just be nice.

    Here's what I have.

    Reactor Design #1 - Standard (Revised)

    Type - Mark II-1
    EU/t - 60
    Total EU Output - 12,000,000
    Efficiency - 3
    Maximum Consecutive Cycles - 1.64

    Click for design

    Reactor Design #2 - Long Life (Revised)

    Type - Mark II-E (9)
    EU/t - 50
    Total EU Output - 10,000,000
    Efficiency - 2.5
    Maximum Consecutive Cycles - 9.80

    Click for design

    Reactor Design #3 - 6 Cell (Revised)

    Type - Mark II-1
    EU/t - 70
    Total EU Output - 14,000,000
    Efficiency - 2.33
    Maximum Consecutive Cycles - 1.63

    Click for design

    Reactor Design #4 - 3 Cell Budget (Revised)

    Type - Mark II-1
    EU/t - 35
    Total EU Output - 7,000,000
    Efficiency - 2.33
    Maximum Consecutive Cycles - 1.13

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