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    Recently there was a controversy over in the Addons section about what AtomicStryker has been doing with the Advanced Machines mod. I want to know who thinks which version is better, without starting an argument. The results of this survey will not be used against either of the mod authors, and may help server owners with deciding which version of the addon to choose.

    Would be perfect, but I said no SUC designs, as that would be too easy. Other then that, it seems to be good!

    Lol. I love how people are saying that this is impossible! I MEANT for this to be impossible! What this challenge was meant to be was something for someone to do in their spare time. I already know the constraints of Reactors, and I was REALLY bored when I made this challenge.

    What this really is, is an experiment to see how people would react (lol, reactor pun!) to an impossible challenge! So far, I'm loving the results!

    PS: Edited the OP to make it a LITTLE more possible!

    Here's the challenge: Design a reactor that meets the following requirements:

    -Must be at most a MK2
    -Can have external water cooling
    -Can not be a CASUC
    -Efficiency 3 or more
    -Cooldown must be below 30 seconds
    -Must be HV or EV

    Try to get AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the requirements.
    That's it. Get to work! :P

    EDIT: Ok, I've had my fun seeing how close you guys get, but since this challenge is practically impossible, I'm not going to check back on this thread. Also, if a Moderator comes across this thread, please lock it. Thanks to everyone who posted, and goodbye.

    I think everyone in this thread needs to calm down, turn off their caps locks, and talk peacefully. In my opinion, this is turning into the reality that Shindou described in the above post, but CPW and Stryker have their reasons to want to move on. Personally, I'm siding with the "get the upgrades out of the machines" side, but that's because of the Induction Furnace not being infested with the upgrades. If the Ind. Furnace was changed by Al and his team, I would be all for the change in the advanced machine setup. But, I need everyone to think clearly for this. It just breaks my heart that Flowerchild/BTW and Mayrglyph/TMI needed to be compared to this situation, but unfortunately this is what it has come to: a big flame-fest of dissatisfied people. The only way to calm everyone down is to give everyone what they want. If i knew Java, I would be porting and bugfixing the original Advanced Machines. But I don't know Java, so I can't. And apparently, the only ones who DO know to code either don't want to be involved or don't want to bring back the basics. So I am simply asking this: Someone make a poll for which version we like better. Only then can we decide which version will continue.

    Induction Furnace existing in Vanilla IC2 renders all of your logic and arguments invalid, and out of place.

    If it was removed from IC2, I'd move on without complaints. However- It exists. It should have counterparts. Either it goes, or counterparts are added. (IE: Normal Advanced Machines.) You cannot bridge the gap between old and new when the Induction Furnace itself hasn't changed, or been removed, at all.

    Too true... Just too true...

    Hm... not to hate or anything, but I usually do not support auto installers, because, as many people say, "If you can't look up how to install a mod, you shouldn't be using it". Just an opinion.

    I saw your second episode, and don't let the lack of views get you down. The other day, I was searching through Direwolf20's earlier (and admittedly, crappier) videos, and they only have about 100 views each. Plus, they're about 2 years old. So, even if you get very small amounts of views off the bat, you never know, you may become as famous as the Yogscast or someone. Basically what I'm saying is don't make videos for the views, make them for yourself. I think it's great that you are making a LP, as I really respect your opinion on the more controversial topics on this forum. And another thing, you may want to add ComputerCraft to your mods list. Great job, and don't give up!

    I just downloaded the pack, and OMFG THAT"S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm definitely gonna use these textures, but a small problem that I have is that the GUIs are too dark. Just my preference. Also, the diamonds are a bit too... sparkly? But really, those are the only things that bug me with this pack. Otherwise, I love it.