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    It's been less than 48 hours! Calm your sweet tits, kid. People have to sleep and eat and shit...

    someone too damn stupid to understand simple fact:
    mcp\forge\whatever release does not means that all mods instantly must update.

    They will probably update it for 1.7.4 instead of 1.7.2.
    By the way,

    You guys have nothing better to do than insult people new to the board?
    Apparently noone of you actually read my post at the beginning.

    Putting it more politely, updating a mod to a new Minecraft version is more than simply changing the version number. Particularly with the Minecraft 1.7 update, there's a looooot of things under the hood that need to change for a mod (or Forge or MCP for that matter) to become compatible. (This is why it took Forge and MCP almost 4 months to update to 1.7.)
    If player and Thunderdark really want to update to 1.7, and they started on that right now, they might be able to have a build available by the end of the month. But 1) don't quote me on that because I'm not one of them, and 2) that would require them to want to stop everything else they're doing and spend the next 2 weeks doing nothing but updating the IC2 code base to fit 1.7. (And I don't think they really want to do that right now.)

    Don't rush the updates, young grasshopper.

    Your 'young grasshopper' has probably wrote more than enough code to know what it means to update programs to a new API. Even if you claim to be "more polite", you are ultimately insulting. Apparently reading the initial post is also not your way.

    Its likely still rather buggy, and It only got released the other day. Just wait a bit :P

    is this a "no" to the question if the code is available?

    I don't doubt that it has bugs, but converting the code will probably still take a while so why not starting now? Forge 10.x has been out there for a while already, just no "recommended" releases :)


    I'm new to the forums and I'm not sure if I found the right subforum to post it in.

    I am interested in helping out the IC² team to make the current experimental builds compatible with 1.7.2, but I couldn't find the source code anywhere. Is the source not available to the public? I found the git changelog but I couldn't find a link for a git repo.

    If you didn't know, forge has officially been released for 1.7.2 last weekend:…ex.php/topic,16195.0.html