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    At present, the only way to store fluids outside of machines is long networks of large pipes.

    As for automatic water collection, a Drain (cover) can be used to automatically suck up water immediately in front of it (if you have Finite Water off), or it can be placed on the top of a pipe or machine, and it will collect water during rain.

    Thank you for your rapid answer !
    I try the drain cover, but it seems like it didn't connect to any GT fluid pipe, neither to the small coal boiler... I don't know if it's a feature, or a bug ?

    Hello everyone !

    I'm playing only with IC2 and GT, and I search for a way to temporarily "store" steam, like the railcraft tank would do, and to automatically bring water to the boiler's tank.
    I don't know if there is a chance for what I want, with only this mods...
    Thank you for your awesome job Greg, and the community around your mod for the life that they create.

    Hello all!
    Anyone know how to disable some IC2 recipes that are already have their proper recipe in GT, in the config files ? Like copper/tin cables... Because I want to play with only GT recipes, if it's possible...
    Thanks for your answer

    Hello everybody!

    I juste have a question, about the OreGen, I can't find "Tin" in the Config file, I see small Tin but not the mix version. I know I can find Tin in Cassiterite vein, and probably in an other mix, but there is a Tin-based Ore mix ?
    Thanks for your answer

    Whenever player finishes the 1.7 port and feels like working on it.
    Sad that Greg doesnt seem to be able to work on it.

    I hope the e-net will be rework as soon as possible, this the mainly feature that I'm waiting for... However, all the guys here make very good job :) Hope you follow that way !

    After update to 4.08l, I can't make new red alloy with the alloy smelter. I have the lastest version of IC2 exp, NEI.
    I would downgrade to gregtech 4.08m, but we have just 4.08i on the first page/second post in "old versions".
    I think that will be fix in the next version.