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    Well, I reproduce it every time I press the U key in NEI hovering above wooden planks, usually. I am temporarily fixing it by not opening the NEI recipes related to wooden items, and this seems to work, even if when I press U by mistake I have to restart the game. Also I have found that I can't handcraft bronze, for some reason, neither with dusts nor with ingots. Another NEI related issue?

    I'm having a strange issue with wood crafting: the only things I can handcraft with planks made of oak, spruce or jungle wood are stairs and slabs. The most annoying thing is that I can craft sticks only out of birch wood, or also out of greatwood and silverwood if TC is installed. This happens with GT 5.08.25, IC2 2.2.756 and Forge Could it be something related to crafting unification? If you need any other information just ask.

    I just found this GT5 port and oh my god Bloody Asp I definitely love you. I'd like to ask you only a favor: can you put the required IC2 and Forge versions somewhere visible, like the thread title or its first page? Sadly, having discovered this thread right now I haven't followed it since the first day but from the few posts I read I guess we should use Forge

    Mine_Sasha and Drawfox Well, the original Pokemon anime/game character is not as badass as Misaka mikoto, but there are many fanmade artworks which show her (the Pokemon girl, don't know het name) in a really similar attitude and look, and, after all, they don't look like so different, if you know who I am talking about. Sorry for my mistake anyway :D

    @aka13 I really feel you man, a while ago I lost my whole base, maybe you remember it, meaning I lost all my lava and lava boilers, all my machines, about half of the EBF, and, above all, every single chest containing ores. I almost cryied that day, it was the work of weeks of IRL time, and I really think it was a bug to cause that (and, dumb me, I had no backups. Since then, I make backups every 2 hours of game). Fortunately, that didn't happen again, so I think that was fixed somehow.

    Is there any difference between universal macerator, universal pulveriser and blend-o-matic 9001 arart from speed, eu/t consumption and stone dust production?
    Any difference in byproduct production chance?
    what for fourth output slot in blend-o-matic 9001?

    The only difference is the amount of slots, since the third slot may be useful not only to get stone dust, but also red/black granite, endstone or netherrack dust, from which you can get helium, silicon and many other interesting things, actually. Also, the fourth slot would be theoretically useful to recycle materials made of 4 different materials, even if I don't remember any, to be honest.

    Speaking about the oregen, I checked the config recently (but most likely it's there since always) and noticed that the random weight of Gold and Magnetite veins is of 160, equal only to lignite veins. This is why I'm getting only magnetite ore, then. Don't you think this is a bit unbalanced? I mean, it is not even realistic, assuming Greg really wants a realistic mod and not something that works fine just for him.

    Haha, no, you will not get a ban. Only the annoying 13 yrolds get banned. I mean, you just moost likely get your question unanswered or ignored

    Thing that happened with my question about the disassembler. My question was if the disassembler not disassembling the non electric tools was a bug or not. Anyone can answer me? I have to make the page for the wiki.

    You know what would be cool? If you could actually swap batteries having a GUI for the electric tools, for both IC2 and GregTech, as Thaumcraft's Thaumostatic Harness does with Potentia jars. Obviously, in this way the battery should not be in the crafting recipe.

    Since always. They may be more Efficient but the Lines you need to power them are the worst thing possible and with one LV-Transformer and only 2 Cables going out you have a loss of 11.8% already. It is almost always better to use the HV Generators instead of the LV ones. The LV ones are only worth it if you have some kind of lossless energy line.

    Indeed, but it's just a relative loss: the absolute loss is always the same, for the most efficient cables, like tin and annealed copper.

    Let's say that one has to power a small amount of LV machines, not a big factory. In this case, if one manages to place an LV steam turbine in the radius of let's say 2 blocks from the buffer, which has a maximum of 2 meters of distance from the machines, he has no issue. And I always manage to move the turbine near the buffer because the steam has no losses traveling for long distances, for now... But I'm sure you're gonna implement something like pressure losses or condensation, maybe.

    Long time ago I noticed that if you put a GT non electric tool, crafted in a workbench and everything, both damaged or not, in the disassembler, the process would have took very short, kinda 8 seconds in any machine, and you did not get anything. I checked again and made some tests today, same result. Is this a bug or a feature, Greg? Electric tools work fine, though.

    I'd have another question too, and I'd like if you answered this time because I'd like to make the page for the wiki: the more a tool is damaged, the more time and (thus energy) it takes in the disassembler to be processed. Is this true?