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    Just installed the new update and compressed by 128 solar system on my "no /give" server into two MV solar arrays, worked as expected. Not the cleanest textures but I don't care, they are intended to be out of sight anyway on a roof somewhere.

    Thanks for working on this by the way, Very well made and nicely balanced.

    The issue is enchantings being exclusively coded for "normal" tools. They can have quite unwanted and buggy effects on Complex stuff like electric-rechargeable tools, because we mess with damage values in a way not originally intended by Mojang.

    Does this mean that we shouldn't make enchanted drills? Is there some risk of crash in the future with these? If so, knowing so I can destroy them now would be useful.

    When I said they were OP, I'm referring to how it previously was, where solar panels worked during the day even in rain.

    Besides your Nuke numbers are ignoring the other materials that are necessary, tin/copper for example, and the fact that it isn't free energy. Nuclear plants need uranium, which is far more valuable and harder to find then iron. Nuclear plants needed the bump up and solars needed to be more expensive/less powerful because nuclear plants can't run continuously generating power, they at the very least need mining for uranium and manual refilling, which meant that there wasn't a great reason to set them up when you could just use solar.

    Now (thanks to the changes which I'm defending here) solars are more expensive, and not as effective, while nuke plants are more effective. This naturally leads players to build solars for small operations but when a lot of power is needed they build nuclear plants, and by that time they'll have the uranium to do so.

    Throw in a wind generator farm instead. I have a few supplementing my solar flowers, neatly hidden in the tops of the RP2 rubber trees. Do that and you have a constant incomming flow.

    I wanted something that took up a relatively small space, and considering I'm near level 80 or so, having a windmill near world height is too much.

    The water mill worked alright, although I needed to use RP2 stuff because I couldn't get a consistent flow through the cable with just a single water mill.

    If I'm reading this correctly you are saying that the wire should connect to the detector cable. But wouldn't that only be on when power is flowing through? That shows that it definitely isn't full. But you can't easily show that it is full, as the solar array will stop generating power during the night, so it will look full during that time.

    I might just go ahead and set up a single water mill, as that should send power down the line no matter what unless it's full, then I just invert that signal.

    Okay, so I'm playing on my SMP server, without any /give, and I just crafted myself 7 MFSU. My goal is to create a "battery room" where my solar panel and nuclear plant wiring meet. I'd LOVE to be able to have a switch that will always be on if all the MFSU are full, and off otherwise.

    Some ideas I had and why I don't think they'll work:

    • Use the Detector cable to notify me when the second to last MFSU stops sending eu. This isn't perfect, and it also fails once the last MFSU fills
    • Use the feature of MFSU where it sends EU when receiving a redstone signal if it's full. This isn't perfect because it only will work if there is some place for the EU to go that I can detect, but if whatever that is fills then it fails.

    Any ideas? I can't be the first person to try this out.

    I live in a desert... no rain over here, so my solars aren't nerfed in that regard (unless it's a thunderstorm, in which case they are, but that's fairly rare). It makes sense, doesn't it? No sunlight, no solar power, right?

    Still... the only reason people are/were yelling "OP! OP! NERF!" is because they either run an SMP server or play on one... just nerf them for SMP by providing config files. In all honesty, if they're worried about lag, I would suggest a config entry for removing solars from the game entirely. There, problem solved. :P

    I thought it was overpowered even in SSP. When I got to the point where the resources to build a nuclear plant, my first thought was "why?" my solar plant produces just as much and it's already made and it won't require me to refill it with anything.

    This is a sign that it was OP. It doesn't even have to do with SMP. If nukes are not worth it, and they require MUCH more effort the solution is makes nukes better and make solars worse/more expensive. That's what was done. Even if you ignore SMP altogther it's a good game design decision.

    Sorry guys, it's been a while since I focused on IC, I've been develpooing Bukkit plugins mostly recently...
    is anything breaking with the new IC versions?
    and also, would it be fine if my next release comes out for 1.0.0 when it will be available for IC?

    It looks like it crashes when running MC 1.0.0 and IC2 1.42.

    This addon is a great, simple addition. Hopefully you don't have issues updating it, it's the last update I'm waiting on to move my server to 1.0.0 :)

    I saw the initial discussion about this but I was skeptical. Now... it's just... glorious. It's incredible. Just seeing the few examples you posted (HUGE machine, small rail dual tunnels, glass water path, tower builder) I can see this has incredible potential. I hope this integrates very well into IC2. I'm imagining being able to run a nuclear plant ON my TBM in order to power it. I won't mind if that doesn't happen, but if it does, even better :).

    Uh, yeah... I can, because it's called an opinion (and they don't have to be right). :rolleyes: And considering you are a fan-boy of his work I can't exactly give you much validity in your comments either since you want to hard ball this as a personal attack against me. This isn't FC forums, and despite what you may believe I don't 'swear wholly allegence to Alba' for IC either. So your post is a pretty moot point trying to 'discredit' 'my opinion'....

    Yeah, the whole "It's just my opinion, but your opinion doesn't matter thing" is about as childish as you can get. You can't just dismiss people because they like something you stopped liking (blah blah you're a fanboy). You also can't criticize people with personal attacks then get all offended when someone brings one your way. How can you criticize other people for the exact attacks you're taking part in?

    Yeah, never suggested you swear allegiance to IC either, sorry. Unlike you I don't make claims about who other people "swear allegiance to". Also, I don't swear allegiance to FC, I just like his mod for SSP. I use RP, Buildcraft, and IC2 for my SMP server. I just find you to be as egotistical as anyone in this entire modding community, except unlike people who create technically impressive mods like Alba/Elo/Spacetoad/FC who are all fantastic contributors to the community in different ways, you don't even have a good reason to act important.

    Who cares if someone wants to control how their mod is played? You can just not play with it. Why should they spend extra time so that you can play your mod with another mod that duplicates or overpowers half their functionality? His game design takes precedence over others... in his mod. Shocking I know but literally everyone who's made a mod makes it so that they can alter the game in a way they think is interesting and better than if they hadn't. IF they didn't think their design was better, why would they design a game progression? What's the point if you think it won't be better?

    You're basically criticizing him for thinking he's making something that people would choose to play. That's absolutely absurd.

    Biggest reason there... Initially, I think Flowerchild believed that compatibility with other mods meant that he could share and collaborate with others with his work, and by doing so expand his mod. However, the ultimate reason why he began hating this was due to the fact that the compatibility altered and 'deformed' the game design of his base mod by other mods and their modifications. Specifically, when I began showing my work on Youtube with the BTW community, they became flabbergasted at the level of change I could institute with simple CR designs and tech tree alterations. Alternatively, I ended up with some of the most unique styled progression paths in the game with my recipe 'addons', and I do think this is why FC began to leer away from compatibility as a whole (because when FC began to make some rigid, semi-unreasonable changes to the BTW base, I was usually the first to straight up circumvent said changes, lol...)

    So basically, the Forge leaving is a move to basically "preserve the mod" in his mind. Which, tbh, is pretty damn vain overall due to how modding works period. FC can try and 'justify' his move as much as he wants, but really it boils down to him wanting his mod 'played his way'...

    That's a tall order to ask from the very same people who won't play MC 'the way it was intended'...

    I feel like someone might be upset because after constantly complaining about everything FC did he finally banned you from the forums followed by several posts of people thanking him for it. As someone who was there, I don't remember a lot of people being "flabbergasted" at the thread you're referring to (or maybe you meant my thread which people just didn't really get what you were saying, and when you received an ounce of criticism you got all angry at it). You did like to announce "I was the first person to get all the forge mods working together anyway", sorry!

    For anyone who's curious, FC extensively talks about his actual reasons behind doing it here:

    Not intending to derail this thread too much, but you can't post "I believe this was the reasons" without a reference to a video which actually explains what his reasons. It's just an unfair representation of the situation I think.


    yeah, he throws a big temper tantrum, partially over eloraam modifying base classes for forge hooks.
    What does he do? turn around and modify base classes *himself* whenever he sees fit. I don't really play BTW anymore but I keep up to date on the changes, just because. Two of the new features he introduced modify the base classes.
    I'm sure he doesn't see a problem with this either. Seems like the very definition of hypocrite to me.

    What were the base class edits you're referring to? Forge altered 13 base class at Elo's direction in order to make sure that torches can stick on the side of covers. I think FCs criticism wasn't "don't edit base classes" but "don't edit them in an API unless it's going to provide a lot of functionality" Obviously SOME base class edits must be done by forge, but such a massive overhaul for such a TINY feature that at the time only RedPower is different then editing a single class file to create the ore dictionary, or similar VALUBLE changes.