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    Did you try using a higher tier transformer first? If that's overloading the E-net, your problem is too much voltage. The LV transformer can only take 128 EU, no more. Try the Ultra low voltage transformer for Batbox, LV for CESU, MV for MFE, and HV for MFSU. Also watch the Amperage, cables do matter in your setups as well as the Transformers. And also watch the facing, if you make the connection wrong, that will trigger an explosion.

    I have same problem as abyssion. I tried all variants with LV transformer and Batbox/CESU. In any case, when connected to the transformer BatBox/CESU explosion occurs.
    Connecting a IC2 generator to the transformer works fine.

    IC2->GT energy conversion don't work after upgrade to 1.7.10. All blows up when I connect ic2 CESU or BatBox to GC Low Voltage transformer. I tried versions 485, 566, 580 IC2 and versions 5.03g (1.7.10), 5.03h GT.
    In the 1.7.2 version it works normal.