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    Quick questions all,

    Can I have say 4 IDSUs with solar panels attached for 4x8192eu/t and 4 for output at 4x8192/t or does the whole IDSU "network" as a whole transfer only 8192 eu/t

    Also I just had a server dumped into my lap when the current owner didnt want to run it anymore, and it was basically I ran it or it closed, so im a super noob at running a server... If i want to update gregtech on my server, do all of the clients also need to download the same version each time I update?

    Thanks much and keep up the awesome work Greg.



    So, what is the GregTech and IC² version are you running? [My bet is that is an old one, because you are using TE pipes, while GregTech ones are much better (throughput wise)]
    I bet you are using NEI, right? If not, use it to do your math.
    If it shows the amount of energy given by the helium plasma (NEI plugins) you can calculate how many plasma gens one constant running reactor can feed.

    hanks for the reply.

    Super noob question - whats the best way to find my versions for ic2 and gregtech. I dont believe it shows the amount of energy from one helium plasma cell. I have seen in some videos where it says 8192k per cell, but mine doesnt show that. Also how do you suggest I caclulate how fast it is coming in? just a stopwatch basically and count off when i see it go through the pipe?

    again apologize for the noob question, but is it difficult to upgrade gregtech and ic2 without resetting my world. I just got handed this server when the current owner didnt want it anymore, and Im still trying to learn how everything works. I tried updating from direwolf20 1.0.11 to 1.0.14 and completley failed. (we run direwolf20 with about 12 mods added including gregtech). Is it as easy as just replacing the mod file and having my users download the new versions also?

    Thank you very much.

    A side note, I also get confused as to how energy goes through cable. In nei it says glass fiber can carry 8192/t, but it seems like I can put much more through it (as you can see my setup has many mfsus outputting 2048). I also have a question about transformers but ill save it as I feel i have already asked too much for one reply.

    Hey all.

    I am wondering what I have done wrong or what I could do better with my new workshop.

    after what seems like forever, I finally got my first reactor set up, but it doesn't seem to be producing as much plasma as I expected. I thought I would be able to run 33 plasma generators off the plasma it produces, but right now I am running I think 24, and 18 of them aren't even at full output, and my quantum tank of plasma is going down slowly. I have 8 plasma generators powering my reactor. I am running a helium-3 deuterium reaction. It seems like it pulses every 10-25 seconds, and i get 1 bucket of plasma every time.

    Here is an album of the reactor setup as well as my workshop with all my machines. I would love any criticism on how to harness my power or how I could more efficiently arrange my machines. Every machine you see has its own dedicated mfsu directly underneath it. Some of my electrolyzers still get insufficient energy line.

    The shot you see from the outside of the machine shop with all the glass fiber, those lines run straight in, and each line powers 8 machines (8 mfsus which power 8 machines). I feel like I am not wiring things as good as I could and would LOVE some help.

    Thanks everyone.

    Here is the album. -