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    Good evening to all.

    I have a bug: GregTech machines (such as E-Furnace) can't receive power from IC2 Experimental cables. It looks like that cable is connected, but any gregtech machine will run and do some work only when powered by EU-Batteries or by adjacent AESU. I tried every cable, even i tried reinstalling both IC2 and GregTech (with deleting all config folder), but nothing helped.

    Minecraft v. 1.6.4, IC2 2.0.397 (also tried on .145 - same bug), GregTech 4.0.1b, Forge, also bspkps v3.05 Core installed (if it's make any sense).

    Is there any fix for it? Google doesn't give anything helpful.

    P.S. To aka13_404, чтоб не писать отдельное сообщение - у вас в статусе пользователя опечатка "Soviert Russia".