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    Darkunreal is a PVP/PVE server set on Hard. When you first spawn you will find yourself in the Vanilla town of SkyCity Thanatos, here you can buy a small block of land & trade items through the NPC shop's. Then in the main spawn area there are 2 portals one that take your to the modded world and the other will take you to the surface of the world, where you will find yourself in the town Broken Hill, here you can buy basic items (e.g food, tools, wood)

    Once you leave the town of Broken Hill PVP becomes active and everything outside of main towns & privately bought land is unprotected and thereforeis up to each user to protect there own property outside of protected areas. Residence is installed and the residence tool can be bought from themain towns in both the modded and vanilla world's

    If you have chosen to go to the modded world you will spawn in the underwater town of Tartarus (information for the configs and the list of mods used can be found here in Tartarus you can buy small lots of land and sell/buy items from the player owned shops.

    since this server is relatively new there isn't much more to say about it so I hope to see some people on here.

    Video/pic's to be added later

    Server Info:
    Max Players: 20
    Monsters: Yes
    PVP: Of Course
    White-list: No
    Server Site:
    Server Ip:


    • No hacking, cheating, exploiting, x-ray, or unauthorized client mods
    • No excessively lagging the server
    • No asking for free items or teleports when you die
    • Violation of rules = permban
    • Stealing, raiding, robbing, killing, griefing is allowed outside of towns
    • Coordinate sharing is allowed, anywhere
    • Rules subject to change