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    Brown below the green, Bauxite is an ore that spawns at many altitudes below forests and grasslands. While its spawn rates are not extremely high, its vein size is fairly large. It cannot be smelted, but when Macerated yields 4 Dust, which can be Electrolyzed in sets of 12 to produce Aluminium, Hydrogen, and Titanium. Bauxite is the only source of Titanium, at a ratio of 6 Bauxite Ore to 1 Titanium Dust.
    Bauxite Ore can be mined with a Stone Pickaxe or better.
    Bauxite Ore is more likely to be found at higher elevations. There will likely be between 2 and 5 veins of roughly 16 ore in each chunk of the correct biome.

    Bauxite Ore can be Macerated to yield 8 Dust, and if processed in an Industrial Grinder will yield additional Aluminium and Titanium Dusts. Bauxite Dust can be Electrolyzed in sets of 39 to produce Aluminium, Hydrogen, and Titanium.

    So does the Macerator give 4, or 8? Do you electrolyze sets of 12 or 39? The Wiki should probably be updated, or at least the GT version, which changes this, marked.


    Doesn't look like it's going to come back anytime soon either. Neither MJ or RF will get support as they apparently will die off soon.

    Why do you think Thermal Expansion or Buildcraft are going to die off? They are one of the most widely used MC mods out there.

    There is an issue with Pneumatic Generator upgrades. I installed one of them and a RS Energy Cell upgrade in a Macerator, and it simply doesn't work. Kinesis pipes don't connect and so don't most of the engines. Some of them (f.e. Clockwork from Forestry) position themselves properly, facing the Macerator, but they do not start running. Also tested this on an Industrial Electrolyzer. Doesn't run, too.

    Hello, Greg.
    I am running what seems to be the newest version of your mod - 4.08p. Now, there seems to be a little problem there, regarding crafting Red Alloy Ingots. They can only be made in an Alloy Smelter, which requires Circuits to make. Those Circuits require Red Alloy Plates in order to make them, which makes crafting pretty much anything impossible. I've looked through all the recipes for making Red Alloy Ingots and Dust in NEI, and the only way to make Red Alloy is as described earlier. Could you fix it?

    PS. I also tried using Project Red's Ingots to make Red Alloy Plates, but they don't work with the Hammer recipe.