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    Ahem, GregTech is actually the middle way between ridiculously tedious and ridiculously overpowered. Just because a Mod makes at least some logical sense (most other Mods don't make ANY sense for that matter) doesn't mean it is tedious. If my goal would be to make it more tedious or expensive, then you would really be screwed. But this is a Mod about realism (concept wise not IRL wise) and systematic progress (an actual Tech Tree), and not about tediousness.

    Many Mods are just way too cheap, and I don't talk about the Resource kind of cheap, I talk about the ways you normally get a Mods Items/Blocks. Inserting a Diamond Block into a Recipe doesn't make it expensive, not even 8 Diamond Blocks around a Gold Block would do, you can easyly grind shit (i.e. Mining with an Iron Pickaxe) until you get to that level. That is still easymode and overpowered, but it is VERY tedious to get that many Diamonds by mining (except for me, because I'm a lucky bastard and I find tons of Diamonds).

    The right way would be to have the User THINK about what he has to do to reach a certain goal, and giving him many very different goals with very different ways to achieve them, making things MUCH LESS tedious the farther he progresses. That you call GregTech tedious means you haven't progressed at all, and that you didn't even think about doing that.

    I wasnt really talking about gregtech anyway. I like the difficulty it provides, while many mods are just way too easy to progress through. However that is not really the case with tinkers construct. You cant just say it is overpowered.

    hoho, if you think that a mod that doesnt just nerf everything and makes the game rediculously tedious is overpowered than you have problems.

    And by the way just because you dont like a mod/a mod developer that doesnt mean it is not a good mod.

    Why is everyone so much against mDiyo, LOL. And tinkers construct is a great mod so i wasnt really willing to remove that either.

    Well anyway at least i am glad that i dont have to get rid of gregtech cause it turns out that after removing the mods one by one it is caused by chickenbones mods.

    Or maybe my world is just freaking haunted. After exiting a mystcraft age my charachter was missing an arm. And every other mob was missing parts. Like what the heck?

    Probably not going to touch minecraft for a while after that crap.

    I have been getting some crashes on minecraft as of lately. Now after inspecting the crash report i saw this:

    "Warning: You have mods that change the behavior of Minecraft, ForgeModLoader, and/or Minecraft Forge to your client:
    These may have caused this error, and may not be supported"

    I dont know if that is even important but i thought i would just post it here anyway to make sure that gregtech is not the reason i am getting all those crashes.

    I am having a problem with adding this in the FTB Monster pack. Some of the Rotarycraft items like the HSLA Steel ingots get transmuted into gregtech steel ingots and the six fluorite colors get transmutated into only one fluorite color. I am sorry if this has already been mentioned or it is in the configs.