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    Does it still register HSLA as ingotSteel if you change that "Use Rotarycraft Steel in other mods" flag to false?

    Yes, it is still the same, though setting "Use RC steel in other mods" to false seems to have fixed it. Regardless it would be great if there was a compedium of information regarding GT's config changes, as in what does what. I know my way around a bit of code, but some things should really be stated explicitly as to what it does, otherwise we (stupider people) just guess.

    Doesn't HSLA Steel have an own registration, such as "ingotHSLA"? If it registers as "ingotSteel" too, then it is no wonder why that is bugged and I cannot help. Better report to RotaryCraft.

    Do you mean in the OreDict.log file? If so, yes it does register it that way. When I first genned the world and played for a while, GT steel and HSLA steel was normal. Now whenever I make HSLA steel from a blast furnace, when I put it in my inventory it turns into GT steel. Basically I want to stop this from happening so that I can use both steel for their respective mods.

    Also, GT also has an OreDict line that is gregtech_addon -> ingotHSLA, which rotarycraft also uses in RotaryCraft -> ingotHSLA.
    I don't really know what any of this actually means, though. Is this what is causing it?

    So whenever I make HSLA steel, it gets converted into GregTech steel, which is okay. The problem is I can't use GT steel in RotaryCraft recipes. I've had a look through the configs but I'm all kind of new to the configs themselves. Could anyone direct me to which configs to look at? In Reikas I have Allow RC steel to be used in other mods=true but that's all I could find.

    Thanks for your time.