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    Im a derp :D I missed that one HV-Transformer block. It totally makes sense now. Thank you :)

    Then don't feed them voltage higher than 128EU/t. Like I said, transformer upgrades only increase the power a machine can be exposed to before it explodes. Macerators only consume 2 or 4 EU/t (Can't remember exactly). Giving them transformer upgrades doesn't change that. So if you have a macerator with 4 transformer upgrades, it can be connected to a cable that carries no more than 2048EU/t, but the macerator will still only consume 4 of that. So if you have an MFE outputting 512 EU/t you need a transformer to bring it down to 128EU/t and then your machines need 1 transformer upgrade each. A 128 EU/t line can power a pretty good factory for a pretty good amount of time.

    Im using the GregTech machine versions. As I understand the new IC2 E-Net it will distribute the MFE output euqally between the 4 Macerators. But ONLY if the macerator requests energy, right?. With all 4 macerators working that would be 128EU each. But with only 3 macerators that would be about 170EU ..

    Or does the macerator requests energy even if its idling?

    Transformer upgrades are your friend

    Build your machines, load them with a single transformer upgrade and supply 128 eu/t transformer's don't increase energy usage, just the voltage allowed. This still means that each machine needs a transformer, but if it is an upgrade at least it doesn't take up space in the world.

    Sure thats an improvement, but it does not exactly solve my problem. The machines can still explode (in a very unpredictable way) if the voltage is higher than 128. Lets say i have 4 Macerators operating at 128EU/p each. My power supply has an output of 512EU/t. Everything would work fine. But now imagine one of the macerators is going to idle and thus does not request energy any longer ... It would burst the 3 other macerators into pieces, because they would get a 170EU packet each :evil:

    They will change. This version is still temporary.

    Eventually, they will change back to the "voltage"-based system.

    The current system exists to help optimize the E-Net code, if I'm not wrong.

    :!: I mean it's totally unpredictable and very difficult to automate. You can not have a large E-Net connected to a variable number of machines, like it was before the change. I REALLY hope the old packet based system (or something similar) will come back. It was even more realistic (the microwave in my reallife house wont blow up, if i turn off my computer ..)