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    Thanks for the reply!

    I have rotated the batboxes (thanks for the tipp), but sadly they are still not charging the ones below. However, I've just realized, that Tin Cables can tolerate up to 5 EU/t, but the BatBox has an output of 32 EU/t. This should cause the wire to burn down, but it does not. However, I wonder if it is the source of the problem. But if that is why they don't charge, why is one of them recieving energy correctly?


    I've been having trouble with BatBoxes lately. I've made 4x5 Solar Panels on the roof of my factory to provide power for the machines inside. I have four packs of panels, each pack containing 5 Solar Panels. Each pack is connected to a BatBox with Tin Cables. Up to this point, everything works fine, all four BatBoxes are charged to maximum. However after connecting the charged BatBoxes with empty ones within the building, only ONE of the empty ones begins to charge (if the connection ends in a chargeable other than a BatBox, it's not working either). The whole cable system on one pack is consisting of about 30 cables, so energy loss shouldn't be a problem. Since the EU-Reader is not working, I cannot check if there is voltage in the cables after the first BatBox. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

    P.S: Screenshots attached.