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    use this to plan your reactor first (http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…10101001511621s1r14lflr10) then plan your whole setup around that. it kinda pointless to ask for reactor designs an all(except computercraft scripting.. cause not even i kno how to do that) cause most of them are already posted and you just need to look.. the only main difference is how u put everything together... good luck to ya :D

    ill be posting pics of my 4 casuc reactor 1820 eu/t each nuclear power station(w/ auto shut off, battery meter, control panel, ect. and all) for my single player world soon so. i hope once thats out, that it will help you out more

    LOL. I know how to build a reactor Just don't now how to Casuc. I wanna learn Computercraft to allow better control over the system. Let me know if you want any help. Maybe we can bounce ideas of each other.

    I saw someone else had posted something like this but then they lost most of the stuff. So I am going to try the same thing. If someone want's chip in their two cent's worth as to what they would like to see me do let me know.
    I am going to be using the following mods to build this.
    IC2 1.43
    RP2 PR4C
    BC 2.11 (may upgrade to 3.x.x just to make the BC floor easier to manage)
    Additional pipes
    Power Converter
    Wireless Redstone
    Advance Machines
    I have no real experience with ComputerCraft So anyone who can write program for managing this would be given credit for it and I'll submit their program to the computercraft library so they can get credit there too.
    I will try to update but with work and other problems that may arise, that may provide difficult do. And if anyone wants I'll upload the world as I go and you can show me your ideas.
    If you write the program for me, I need something for lighting, power management and whatever else arises while on this project.
    Plan so far is to have a roof of solar panels using the HV solar panels. A main Entrance level for paying bills when I port this to SMP. A control floor/room with password entrance only as to prevent access from unauthorized personnel. If I do a control room, the next floor would have any circuity need (that's going to be hard for me) Generator room for back-up power supply. Battery room with one to two back-ups and one main storage/output. Buildcraft engine power room. (may have two sets of engines. Using Redstone engines for back-up power and Combustion engines for main power) And Reactor on the bottom. I need some to come up with a detailed CACUS Reactor for me since I have never built them. Any advice?

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