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    I have a hard time believing you'll get that level of power (100/tick from 36). I'll run a test later.

    Also when I wrote bucket-powered, I didn't mean by hand. That is stupid, considering it can be automated with vanilla buildcraft and vanilla IC pump easily.

    They dont produce 1.3 eu/tick average. I havent seen a windgen production go lower than 2 eu/tick. They produce like 3 eu/tick on average. I dont see you babysitting watermills just to get 1000 eu per bucket. You would be better off with 1 windgen on top of the world than having to man a watermill on bedrock level. The windgen will keep producing while you mine your stuff while watermills stop after a short time. I made a pretty nice windgen farm on my old world consisting of 36 windgens which made over 100 eu/tick (that includes the cable losses) most of the time. I rather run a simple wire down to than make a new nerfed watermill farm for energy.

    Btw 2 way transposer/filters sounds nice. That would make it possible to make a 4 chamber CASUC reactor with 2500 cooling capacity instead of the 3 chamber we have now.

    A windgen placed on top of the world will still make more than a watermill even with the cable losses than a unmanned watermill. Isnt this a little bit weird?

    For a passive water gen, this is true. For an active (bucket-powered) watermill, however, it should only barely compete. According to the wiki a windmill produces an average of around 1.3 EU/t averaged over the whole day (mileage may vary depending on location). Even if the windmill produced 3 EU/t average, which is asking a lot from it, it still suffers from needing LOTS of space around it to work at full capacity (AKA no dense clusters), inconvenient build location (in the sky) and also, you can't use tin cables with them, because if the mill sends out a 4 EU pulse (which it can) it will fry your wiring.

    Here's the simplest and most efficient design i could come up with. The update was actually a boon in disguise. Line of pumps in the middle, 1 chest 1 water on either side, alternating. Add pipes and redstone engines and it'll run forever at full speed. dimensions are 5 long, 7 wide (including blocks for redstone) and 4 high. Design is best when stacked vertically or lengthwise

    According to my measurements a water gen is equal to three solars over a minecraft 24hr, because you have to cut the solar's 1EU/t in half due to night. the water gen loses about .2 of it's EU/t to the pump. so gen makes 1.8/t, which is around 3 solars, conservatively. 24 iron for 3 solars VS 16+1(circuit)+2(engines)=19 iron for watermill+pump+2 redstone engines

    One bucket just flops back and forth between the chest and the watermill. If the bucket is empty, the pump fills it and puts the full bucket back in the chest. Easy as pie, no loop required.

    Takes a lot of wood to make this though, for the stupid engines. Could also be more efficient (pump-wise, 1 pump can supply about 1.2 gens) with tele/distro pipes but this is built for vanilla IC and BC