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    It is not correct, at least "not now". Right now it generates large (16 to 48) x (16 to 48) x (5 to 7) Clusters of randomly placed Ore Blocks (more being placed towards the middle) with up to 4 different Types of Ore in each Cluster (for example Redstone spawns together with small bits of Cinnabar and Ruby), but I can add those small Ores anytime I want, since the Ores are Mini-MetaTileEntities (TileEntities which save only one value inside them and without any tick callback) and I still have about 29767 Slots free.

    But Worldgen is now running somewhat properly, turns out it wasn't a Forge retrogen Feature I didnt know of (and which didn't exist), but instead I accidentially put an X-Coordinate where a Z-Coordinate was needed, turning that into loooooooong Veins of Ore.

    I would still recommend using PFAA instead of my own Worldgen, because my own Worldgen is just a bunch of randomly placed Ores in Clusters.


    Interesting development, although a few days old now. On the FTB forums, an argument broke out whether EnderIO, Mekanism or TE replaces IC2. If they can't even decide what to replace IC2 with, there is no need to listen :D

    I would say that Ender IO wouldn't replace IC2, because after all it uses RF, which is from TE.
    And I've never played Mekanism so I don't know. :Trade-O-Mat:

    Hey Greg, which Forge version are you using currently? CodeChickenCore doesn't work with the latest one.

    (It can't find a certain method in the NBTTagCompound class; it's probably been renamed as it's one of those defaultish ones.)

    Using images for information on the net is a Bad Idea(tm). It won't be picked up by search engines. It's impossible to copy-paste it. It's cumbersome to zoom in. It's inconvenient to read on anything but a big monitor.

    Wow, hadn't thought of those. Really true. However, it's also way easier to make images look cool rather than text.

    Hear this. I got 4272 just by pressing the up button.
    And if the up button didn't do anything, I'd press the right one ONCE.
    And if the right button didn't do anything, I'd press the left one ONCE.
    I guess the same for left and down, but I haven't had an occasion where I had to press the down button so far.

    Also, Greg, you should rename this thread as the official 2048 thread to post 2048 scores.

    Lowest score: 712.

    Oo! Never heard of 2048 before.

    So... first time playing: got score of 2328, highest tile 256.

    EDIT: I just got 1496 (highest tile 128) just by pressing the >, v, < and ^ keys repeatedly.
    In that order.

    EDIT2: Got a neat number. 3096

    Changing the textures was over the top. There, I said it. Two of my machines exploded from rain day before april first, and because of the textures I can't get anything done. I take a look into my chest and take 10 minutes to find what I need. I take a look around and say "hmmmmm... Now which machine of my hundreds was the macerator again? Which of these things in this chest was tetra again?" After 5 minutes I say "I'll be on tommarrow" here it is today and the textures are still there. If you play a joke on somebody it usually lasts for 30 seconds and say "haha you got me" and usually that joke is harmless, you usually don't take their legs and say "you can have them back in 2 days tops" Textures are too much. You can't say it's harmless if it drove me and others away from gregtech for 2 days.