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    I know I am coming late in the game (this thread is pretty old), but I recently was inspired to build a CRCS reactor based on Shneekey's original design. I also wanted it to be completely automated.

    The Core Reactor

    The Six Chamber Cooling Towers (I forgot who to give credit to for these, I think it was SomeoneElse 37. Let me know and I'll edit the post)

    I attached the reactor to 10 of the Cooling towers via a ME (applied energisitics) network. An interesting note about this design is the reactor does not turn off when there is an empty coolant slot. Even if every coolant cell needs to be replaced at the same time it has enough heat capacity so that it can withstand the sudden onset of heat and then dissipate it before the next coolant exchange.

    I was inspired by Someone Else 37 to write a turtle script to automatically refill the reactor.

    The turtle uses the MiscPeripherals Nuclear Information Reader to know when the uranium cells are depleted. It then pulls cells out of a chest to fill the reactor and puts the coolant cells it replaced back into another chest connected to the ME network. It takes 3 reactor fill trips to fill the reactor. Also, the turtle outputs a redstone signal downward that is "AND" gated with the lever to turn the reactor ON and OFF. When the reactor is OFF, the ME Buses connected to the reactor also turn OFF. This allows the turtle to refill the reactor without new coolant cells entering and makes the reactor turn OFF until it is filled. The turtle has a charging station behind it which it turns ON and OFF when it needs power.

    I use one of these turtles for my Breeder reactor as well, with the ME network inputting depleted cells and pulling out the re-enriched cells. The turtle refills the uranium cells when the breeder runs out so I can keep my one breeder running 24/7 if need be.

    This is an old thread, and right now my turtle code is hard-coded to swap certain reactor slots. With a little bit of effort I could make it totally configurable. If you guys are interested I'll throw up a configurable turtle script to fill any reactor with uranium cells in any slots and quantity. Unfortunately, MiscPeripherals is no longer being updated and it is the only way for turtles to interact with specific slots (Inventory Upgrade for turtles, and the Nuclear Information Reader)....So mod packs are starting to drop it.