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    Problem with auto farms like that are the accidently buildup ruining your world. We have a chunk on IR that lags everyone out when they go near it. CACTUS BLOCK OVERLOAD

    But yes, it's a great idea.

    A simple fix for that is to make the cactus drop onto an item destroying block (say, cactus) until you flip a switch that would make them enter your buildcraft pipe or whatever you are doing. I had to do this myself after basically getting 1 FPS due to cactus overload, but it fixes the problem.

    Another nice form of plant energy I like to use is cactus. Make a simple cactus farm and use an obby pipe at the collection point. Burn the cactus in generators. It works well, as it is fully automatic and with an iron pipe on the line somewhere, you can either harvest cactus for dye. When you don't harvest, burn it for minimal waste. Obviously, bigger farm = more energy.

    So far, in my whole playtime since implementation of weather, i've had 2 lightningstorms total. In neither a lightning ever struck any entity.

    How big is the chance a lightning storm hitting one of the expensive, rare robots :3

    Just as big as the chance of a lightning bolt hitting one of those green evil creatures.

    I don't think where they come from is such a big issue. After all, we're talking about minecraft here. Where anti-gravity is a frequent occurance and creepers have somehow managed to follow the basic laws of evolution and survived until now. :)


    There still is the issue that if they spawn in day, I don't want to see a robot with heat vision and nano sabres and god-knows-what when I only have a stone sword and a pork chop. They'd need to be pretty rare for it to be balanced.

    Maybe when robots are added, there can be a small chance that when you craft a robot, it will develop an AI and will try to attack you? Robots randomly spawning doesn't make much sense, does it. Unless factories are randomly generated in the world, of course.

    Also, water = dead robot. If they do randomly spawn, you need some way of not being murdered night one.

    I'm not sure how this will help though. I'm not huge for having 9001 different types of slabs, it's just that reinforced stone currently doesn't have any block that allows for easy change of elevation, and a reinforced slab would not only match the look of a house, but it would allow for the house to remain explosion proof.

    Basically, they are just slabs but have a similar texture and hardness as reinforced stone. Right now, the closest thing we have is the stone slab, and that is still a very different look. Also, our stairs should be as strong as our houses, right? What if a creeper swarm gets into your house and all of your weapons are on the second floor?

    Ridiculous example, I know.


    R R R = 6 S

    R = Reinforced Stone
    S = Reinforced Slab

    Just like all the other slabs, except you get 6. I never understood why you only got 3. You are literally cutting the block in half. Why does the other half just disappear?

    Also, as an alternative recipe:

    T T T
    T A T = 8 S
    T T T

    T = Stone Slab
    A = Advanced Alloy
    S = Reinforced Slab

    Much more wasteful, but if you have spare stone slabs, this may be the recipe for you.

    Anyway, please implement this if it isn't too much trouble.