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    Nice work, reworking the recipes to reflect evolution i hope?

    I I I
    IC I = I
    I I I

    GI G = G

    gGg = D

    big G is gold and little g is glass.

    I don't know how you have the last recipe planned exactly but something like that perhaps?

    As to this, I welcome everything being collapsed into one Block ID.. look around on this very forum, there's a *lot* of IC2 sub-mods here and every last one of them needs at least one Block ID. The very same Block IDs that are a going to be a bit more scarce whenever the release version hits due to the extra stuff implemented there.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm in love with the idea of compacting IDs, however if this can be properly achieved or not with chests is the question. As of right now, they seem to be as functional as a regular chest, as if they were a part of the game. If something has to be sacrificed for 2 item IDs, then I don't like the idea. I guess in the end its upto lishid if he wants to put in the time and try to make it work, but personally for me it doesn't matter.

    First of all, lets not start comparing this mod compared to every mod in existence. I don't know about you guys, but while SSP is fun, it just feels like a waste of time for me. So for me, atlest... EE and any other SSP mods are out of the picture, the only mods this should be balanced with is IC2, BC, RP2. Seeing as how the latter two have no variation of an upgraded chest, then this is quite easy.

    As for the item id thing, lord why? I just spent an hour converting all my wood chests to gold chests, and then your saying they might not even work properly? Its 2 IDs, honestly... How many spare IDs do you guys need? 90% of the forge based mods resolve most ID space issues, and the rest of the mods are meh? I mean, lets see...
    Theres EE, Minefactory, buildcraft addtions, tree forestry, and I don't know what else everyone might be using. Whats really more important? Filling your game with a bunch of stuff you'll probably never use or is probably obsolete due to the ammount of other items you can make which have the same function, or having functional upgraded chests which everyone obviously will use more so then most items.

    I like the evolved recipe idea, it will make iron chests more valuable in the start game instead of feeling like a waste of iron after awhile, also, I think 8 wood, 8 iron, 8 gold, 4 diamonds is reasonable for a end game chest.

    Thank you sir, now I have another reason to stock up on diamonds.

    Edit: Now that I think of it, most people may just make gold chests, I'm not sure another 27 slots justifies the use of 8 diamonds, 4ish may be more reasonable.

    Personally I like expensive items, so I don't mind paying 8... but that's just me. Maybe others will add their input on this subject.

    Cool mod, I just hope everything in my chests doesn't magically disappear one day <_<

    I noticed a bug with the animation on the gold chests, it has about a half second delay... Iron chests seem to be fine though.

    SMP by the way.