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    Has anyone else had trouble switching flight modes with the advanced electric jetpack? I can't seem to get it to switch to hover mode. I changed the bind key to "V". I have tried everything, changing the bind key, shifting, spacebar, and pressing the mode switch key. Is this a bug? Or can you no longer switch to hover mode? Any idea how to fix this?

    I really loved the advanced electric jetpack from back in 1.4.6 , so i decided that in my new custom modpack to download the 1.6.4 ver of IC2 with gravisuite. However, after having built the advanced electric jetpack, i noticed i can only toggle flight not change the flight mode. I have the IC2 toggle mode thingy set to the v key. I tried numerous times to toggle the jetpacks flight mode; hold space + v, hold shift + Space + v, just press v, etc. None of these seem to work. Is there something i am doing wrong? Was the flight mode thing removed? The boost key seems to work just fine. Just to specify, i can toggle flight by using f (turns on and off the jetpack), but i cannot toggle hover mode (m key by default, i set it to v key 'cause my m key is already binded.) I am using experimental build 397. Can anyone help me out?

    Edit: I should note i have EE installed, i have heard that there might be some kind of compatibility issues with EE?