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    Crossbreeding from 4 plants would randomly choose two of them to be the parent.
    Stats are based on parent stats +-2. Thus you can get better or worse plants. Separate the goodies, plant them again and repeat until you have crops with decent stats.
    Note that crops with high stats need good environment (or cropmatron fertilizer and hydration aid).

    Ok I'm using a cropmatron to fertilize. But do I still need to use hydration aid as the plot is always wet with water nearby?

    I know when crossbreeding the stats of the parent plants effect that plant. I was wondering if trying to cross breed a plant by 4 plants in like a plus sign would effect it or would it just still choose 2 of the plants only as it's parents?

    Also how do you get stats up as mine seem to be always random and I don't use weed ex at all an break weeds as soon as I see them and never cross breed if I'm not there to watch. I also always furtalize my plants yet I had 2 parent plants with stats of 2 3 2 and the cross bred plant came out as 0 0 2

    do you have buildcraft and Additional Pipes installed?
    there's one interesting way to do power teleportation over long distances but there are losses involved.
    Requires the Power Teleport pipes and one of two mods on the forums here: one two

    I'm using one for now but want to try out two but that'll be after I get off my lazy butt to change stuff around and finally rip out the portal gun mod (hardly use it anyway, could just use teleporters)

    as to mining? I just use BC's quarries. Any ores get fed into my processing system and any dirt and cobble becomes recycler fodder and anything else gets dropped into a chest.

    I didn't know about the first one. The second one he will run into the same problem as I have my system set up 2 mfsu's to 1 mfsu to mfu to bat box to power converter to any buildcraft machine and both my mfsu's at the front of the line uses massive power. I also got everything so close to gether that there shouldn't be any power loss at all. What I did was make a separate but smaller energy factory with 3 generators and the buildcraft machines run at the same speed as from the massive power loss from the first setup.

    Actually what I'd like to see is those iron fences be electrified with that electrifier machine. Although you'd be using a constant rate of energy while there on It would be sweet to have.

    Also rubber boots should make it so you don't get shocked as much from wires as they are rubber after all lol.

    I actually made a solar flower that gives off 57 eu since tin is pretty rare on my world for some reason. I also have to use it a lot to build solar panels. But the 57 eu into an mfsu still fills it up pretty quickly. Faster than I use the power currently running my machines day and night. But I also don't have a quantum suit right now. But this is very good to know.