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    Yes you are right about what is going on. I have made sure the muffler is indeed facing up. I just tried with only one input bus, the problem still occurs. And I am dedicating an advanced steam turbine to the blast furnace, so there is no problems with a bottleneck.

    There's your problem. You have two MV hatches, meaning it's a 512v machine. Use either one MV hatch (forcing 128v mode) or four. Greg's MB machines automatically upgrade tiers when the voltage reaches the next tier. IE:
    8v, 32v, 128v, 512v, 2048v, 8196v, etc.
    128+128 = 256, so it runs as 512v.

    I just tried with just one MV hatch, the problem still occurs. The blast furnace takes in the coal dust and iron, and finishes its process, but fails to output to the output bus.

    We need more info on how it's built, and how the power is connected.

    On the bottom I have 2 MV energy hatches, a maintenance hatch, 2 input buses, an output bus, the blast furnace controller block(in the middle of the bottom as the instructions say), and a heat resistant machine casing. The middle two layers are cupronickel coils(hollow). The top is 8 heat resistant machine casing with a muffler at the top.

    Obstructed muffler hatch ?

    Nope, I double and triple checked to make sure it is not obstructed.

    I have a problem with the Electric Blast Furnace. I am attempting to make steel with it and it seems to work, but it never outputs its product. Yes the multiblock structure is built correctly. I am feeding it 128 EU/t(I have also tried 256 with the same results). I have tried using buses and hatches, again with no change. I have even cheated in a debug scanner to make sure everything is built correctly and it is getting enough power. I'm probably missing something incredibly simple, but I just don't know what it is. :/

    Also, I am using the 1.7.10 version of Gregtech.