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    Ahem, if i write a recipe-reading code capable of calculating costs based on recipes, why don't i just use same one for the basic IC recipes as well? Redundancy much.
    Wouldn't work, however, because any sort of refillable item would instantly cause a lockup.

    Yep, but that honestly wouldn't be much of a problem. For example, if you use BC to pump items into the top a generator, they just have to be extracted from the generator. So if anyone has a problem with that, then...

    Interesting, but wouldn't this make diamonds alot cheaper (and thus making industrial diamonds :Industrial Diamond: pointless)? I mean, without it it would take 9 million EU to create a diamond, unless u have lots of scrap. With this what do you plan for it to be? Apart from cheap diamonds seems like a decent idea though :)

    You need regular diamonds for other mods that use diamonds. :3

    This reactor is a very simple reactor, meant to provide a decent amount of power, while still not requiring too many resources. It only requires one nuclear reactor, four uranium cells, six coolant cells, six integrated heat dispersers, and twenty-five blocks of water (flowing/still) surrounding the nuclear reactor. This reactor provides 20 EU/t for a total of 4,000,000 EU per cycle. The efficiency is 1.00, and the effective EU/t is 20.00 EU/t. It generates EU for a full cycle, does not require a cooldown period, and can run for infinite consecutive cycles. It is proven that it will not go critical or explode in the first cycle.The cooling components will not melt if the directions are followed, and the highest heat level is 24. To see the design and see how it works, please go to this link. Below is the full list of initial resources required. Please comment to this thread!

    Initial Resources:
    110 Iron Dust
    128 Tin Dust
    219.5 Copper Dust
    4 Uranium
    20 Lapis Lazuli
    62 Redstone Dust
    20 Glowstone Dust
    61 Rubber
    8 Stone


    Honestly I like 2nd poster's idea better. That way you have to provide a reference object that you yourself took the time/mats to make. Should allow you to put ANYTHING in the slot to be copied...that way I can deal with the gold/tin deficiency on my map.

    Haha, actually when I look back on that, I agree, but you still should need to apply power.

    Um, you may have not read the whole post. My idea was not to place a reference item, but to use a scroll list and slect from that list, making it so you can get a diamond without originally having a diamond. However, you would have to power the converter to convert the UUM Matter.

    As you may know, UU Matter is a very helpful substance. However, there are not very many options for use of this expensive material, as it can only be used to create Iridium Plates or a small variety of usually non-renewable objects. But, the UUM Converter will allow more options for the use of this now useful matter. Previously you would use a crafting table to get items from UUM Matter, but not anymore. Now you just place an item in the template slot, insert some UU Matter in the bottom slot, and apply power to the machine. Different items would then require different amounts of UU Matter and energy, depending on the how rare/valuable the item is, preventing "cheating". Since you are no longer limited to a 3X3 crafting grid, there are a lot more options for use of UU Matter.

    My current idea for the crafting recipe is:
    :Advanced Circuit: :Recycler: :Advanced Circuit:
    :Advanced Machine: :MFS-Unit: :Advanced Machine:
    :Glass Fibre: :Compressor: :Glass Fibre:

    Yes, I know that it is expensive, but it is a very helpful and powerful machine.

    Please comment below with your ideas and sprite ideas!