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    I've got a problem with latest version of these.
    When I smelt iron nuggets, I should get Wrought Iron. (Only reference for this is youtube, however). Now, when I smelt little iron bastards, I got steel nuggets instead of Wrought iron.
    Is this the behaviour I'd expect?

    Yeah, this happens in Infitech 2 from 2.0.8 to 2.0.10.
    I've been meaning to update for ages but myself and Pyures mutual acquaintance, MigukNamja was until a few weeks ago running a server that played 2.0.10.
    (he said he didnt want to screw around with cfgs anymore so thats why we were so outdated)

    When i asked Jason McRay about the aforementioned issue he said its a recurring problem that he hasn't managed to find a fix for, but is looking for a definitive answer while developing IT:R - it is souly an issue with railcrafts blast furnace being disabled apparently and sometimes you will get wrought iron and sometimes you get steel nuggets.
    Not sure why, sometimes when i delete NEI's saved prefs i can force it to give me wrought nuggets - i suspect it could be forced with a Minetweaker script , but lack the necessary expertise to do so. (or maybe you could hardcode it into GT5?)

    Pretty awesome comparison setup, its been helpful.
    Ive got one question though, what does the column "magic" mean?

    I'm using this mod on 1.6.4, a small pack called Technicataclysm - i've noticed that since 1.2.5 that its not really as useful as it used to be, don't get me wrong, thermal monitors are nice and all and the change to their redstone configuration is very useful when you're working with MOX reactors - but anyway, thats besides my point - because the reactors no longer cool externally, nor do they route heat into the casing unless there is nowhere else for it to go, the method that nuclear control uses to monitor temperature of a reactor is a little bit lopsided now - i wonder if it would be better if nuclear control tracked reactors by coolant temperature?
    ok, this would be no better with reactors that don't run with cooling cells, but when people are using CRCS reactors for maximum efficiency / power output having a system that works on coolant temperature might work a little easier, or adding the capacity to track the reactors by both? thats just my thoughts on the matter though.