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    Well it has been listed as an alternative if you want to use mods... With work you can get infinite amounts of of Reinforced stone (Equivalent exchange, make cobblestone into iron, and iron into copper / Tin as required.)
    And there are mods that allows you to make bedrockin a legitimate manner.
    And the cheap single reactor under Notch Bedrock :D

    I checked both of them, and I MD5'ed the files and they were changed.
    If you MD5 a file you can ensure it is the same one if you get the same hash, for an example:
    If I make a text file with the content "LorenLarsa" and MD5 that, I get the hash: ACC769B428AADB9522F6F135C326CBA3 and the filesize: 10 bytes since it is 10 characters and 1 byte per character.
    However, the filesize is unchanged if I change the text to "LorenLars." , but not the same content, MD5 hash will change however to: 91E7AECE5742A0BF61251EF3B6896AC5
    And as such I KNOW the file is not the same, and thus is changed... I extracted the files out of the ic2.jar and MD5'ed them against RocketScience that I downloaded and they were a 100% match on the MD5 hash, which means that the one in the IC2.jar had been changed.
    MD5 Checker is a nice tool to have lying around as it allows you to quickly spot changed files.

    dispatchcompg : Yeah I figure it is a little jumbling or something screwy with the mod and several others in the same mixed bowl, but I might give your solution a go and see what happens, just hope ID Resolver don't change around some of my IDs that is already in use, got some nice biogas engines going as well as petro chemical generators to use my buildcraft oil :D

    I am now in the same boat as the others, no reaction from this mod after installing it.
    Now to shoot down the obvious causes, then yes RocketScience.jar is in the mods folder, even tried by adding a Z in front of its name to make it load as the last one.
    And the 2x class files have been added to the ic2.jar, to make sure they were added, I extracted them and MD5'd the source and the ones that were in there, and they are the same, meaning they got installed.
    ModLoader also reports the mod as loaded and no errors in the modloader log either :S

    When I build Bedrock reactors by hand, I am VERY careful, no fast building so the progress is slow.
    But if I machine build them, I usually build it in some different material like cobblestone or a material that is unique compared to the environment it is in, and then replace that with bedrock in MCEdit.

    While getting bedrock itself isn't possible without modding or cheating, I do not care how people play their game.
    Each to their own, if they have fun TMI'ing in stuff that is all and good in my book regardless :P

    I think there are still glitches in Minecraft's handling of water and explosions that can be exploited to easily make an explosion proof container. Until Al slips a fix in and blows up everyone's reactors :)

    Ah, well I have been very evil... My reactors are built using Bedrock, cannot have that destroyed by Al, might pose a threat to finding the "Void".
    That is, if you do not mind MCEditing or cheating, if you do, well you can quarry out the bedrock and try slipping a reactor in under the rocks down there that Notch have planted for you and use those, that also works to some degree.

    My old reactors in the power plant haven't had a single accident, those that blew by accident was during testing in a different world, and some deliberatly to test the new interface.
    But, the reason I do build them with the thought in mind, if they DO blow, I do not want to lose my old uranium feeding system (Broken by Notch) but more importantly, the wiring below.
    Presently I would have to kiss both of them goodbye, as well as the reactor building that also has some pixel art on it (Huge reactor building with over 26 reactors, I cannot extend it any further without getting into chunk loading issues :P
    And yes, I did use all of their power for something when I had to run the plant.

    Well I am forced to, Reinforced stone has a very low blast resistance, it may absorb it and get destroyed but it is still too costly compared to Obsidian, luckingly, I got a nice source for bedrock, but I have to cheat to remove it if I misplace it though.
    It is also the solution for my present power plants as well.

    I just tested my reactors with the new system, and I had an accident...
    Let me just say the reactor went poof, leaving just shards of the containment building behind... Now the thing is, the containment building was made out of Obsidian, and from past experiences I couldn't dent it with either explosions, not even the nuke.
    But now it disintegrated like cardboard and took a decent chunk of terrain with it.

    Do I really have no choice but to start building my reactors out of Bedrock?