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    Was looking for an OLD download, but not able to download through the dropbox links provided.
    I get an Error (509) This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

    Sounds great to get a lot of traffic, but can this be fixed somehow or is there an alternative way?

    Edit: It's great to be back on the forum again, been a while. I miss GregTech, might consider joining Kirara (I know the way ;) )

    While GregTech has several storage units available, I would love to be able to store a full suit like the 'Hazmat' suit with leggings, rubber boots and scuba helmet and be able to exchange it with the current armour I am wearing or store that in a different storage unit. Could we have something like a 'locker', to store full armour sets? Maybe even a possibility to hook it up to a power supply to charge a full set of nano armour at once?

    I found the issue for the Aluminum ore to ingots smelting recipe from Galacticraft not being changed by Gregtech! I have done some testing in Single Player.

    • Reverted client back to the date prior to updating GC. Running version 1010. Created new world (creative SP). No issues, smelting recipe disabled for Aluminum ore to ingots which is changed by GregTech.
    • Copied instance and updated GC to version 1044. Created new world (creative SP). No issues, smelting recipe for Aluminum ore to ingots is still disabled by GregTech.
    • Copied instance and updated MineFactoryReloaded to a GregTech friendly version of MFR which I got from someone on the GT forum to remove childish behaviour (console spam with messages added by SkyBoy in his final 1.6.4 release for MFR). Now the issue is there! Smelting recipe for Aluminum ore to ingots is back and only other option showing in NEI is 3 entries in the Ore Dictionary to change Aluminum ore (GC) to Aluminum ore (GC).

    Conclusion: The MFR GregTech friendly version is causing the issue! To be clear about this, it is not the original MFR final version causing the issue, but an edited version of this release made by someone else.

    Is it possible to fix the GT friendly version Pwnie2012? Somehow the edits made to MFR cause this issue, but I would still love a GT *friendly* version. Or has this childish behaviour been removed again from MFR-1.6.4-final ?

    What other ores does GC spawn?

    I might have a way to fix it without minetweaker if you want to remove only aluminium ore from spawning (And removing old aluminium GC ore)

    Galacticraft spawns Aluminum ore, Copper ore, Silicon ore and Tin ore (Copper and Tin both disabled in my core.conf for GC). GC also has a config for the Moon (moon.conf) for spawning Cheese ore on the Moon.
    Would be interested in the solution, although Galacticraft is also trying to figure out what caused the change.
    See Galacticraft post here:…her-mods.3991/#post-31223
    Quoted from Radfast on the Galacticraft forum:


    @Devilin Pixy, just to be clear for your Gregtech posting - GC does register the Aluminum Ore to the Ore Dictionary, registers it 3 times as "Aluminum Ore", "Aluminium Ore" and "Natural Aluminum Ore". The ore was registered the same way in 1010 and 1044 versions. Before today, the GC Aluminum Ingot was only registered once to the Ore Dictionary, as "ingotAluminum". I have changed that as from today, added "ingotAluminium" and "ingotNaturalAluminum".

    You can use Minetweaker and disable the regular smelting recipe then (may require quite some effort to do it).

    By the way, bauxite main metal is aluminium, titanium is the byproduct of it.

    Thnx SpwnX, I have tried to avoid using MineTweaker so far, but am familiar with it. I might disable it that way since balance is gone now. I do regret not having disabled Aluminum ore spawning from GC now. As I recall 39 Bauxite dust gives 16 Aluminium dusts and byproducts. Might have been a bit unbalanced already with the abundance of Aluminum ore spawning. Going to space should be hard ;)

    When GC is installed, we disable GC aluminium as we have GT bauxite for that.

    I know that would result in Aluminium being a byproduct only, but was never needed when I created the modpack for the server. Even though Aluminum could be found in abundance, we could only make use of it once we got to the Electical age. The server world has been running for quite some time now and I sure don't feel like starting over because worldgen has already spawned Aluminum ore. Just curious what caused this behaviour to change and if it might be possible to fix it (without having to start over)

    I discovered an issue on my self-modded server based around GregTech and intended to be hard mode (1.6.4). One of the mods included is Galacticraft and I noticed that GC Aluminum ore can now all of a sudden be smelted into ingots in any furnace. This used to be different and I was previously only able to process the ore through either GT machines or the Rock Crusher from Railcraft resulting in GT Aluminium dusts which had to be smelted in the Industrial Blastfurnace to be able to get to ingots. I was happy with this balance making it kind of mid-tier to be able to actually use Aluminum/Aluminium to progress in GC. Now this balance is completely broken being able to get the ingots so easily. GC Aluminum ore spawns quite a lot and the Industrial Blastfurnace is no longer needed.
    I checked the changes I made to the modpack over time and can only conclude it has to do with an update from Galacticraft build #1010 (default 1.6.4 download) to a dev build from Jenkins #1044 about a week ago to fix lag issues and sealing problems. I posted my issue on the Galacticraft forum and I know it's not an issue with GregTech (no changes were made to GT anyway). I am just curious if anyone else has experienced this issue since I know some of you do play with a combination of GT and GC with Jenkins builds. Maybe someone on the Kirara server? (SpwnX?). Any info on this issue would be appreciated.

    My meta iron sword after "breaking", became a weird iron sword, with 111 swords and negative damage on durability... wtf? It can be used indefinetely though.

    Seems like NEI to me. When in creative you can cheat infinite items by shift-clicking. NEI would then show the stack size as 111. Most likely your sword turned into it after 'breaking' somehow.

    So, I have made 5 electric Piston Component Items (I WILL NOT MAKE THEM MOVE BLOCKS AT ALL, SO DON'T ASK) for things like Compressors and such, what could that be used for as Cover? The Conveyor Modules are for example Item Moving Covers, while the Pumps are moving Fluids. But an electric Piston? What could that be used for as Cover?

    Something like Pneumatic, or maybe Magnetic covers?

    Topic Ideas for GT/IC2:
    Security cameras: place them, link them to a monitor, watch what happends in those corridors (PortalGuns portals did this in some way). Neat feature for multiplayer. Never saw something like it.
    Laser: Sure the big hurting one too, but i speak more of laser sensors security wise. Not only for defending also to turn high voltage line of, if a player goes near them (such sensor are often use in industrial applications to protect ingenieurs who try to repair dangerous machines/high voltage stuff)
    Radioactive waste: i kind of like the idea to have to think about how to get rid of it without destroying my ecosystem. (Also any other kind of ecosystem harmful stuff). A industrial version of 'taint' + of course machines/ways to help with it.
    Terraformer: I'm not sure if it already does, but Terraformer actually changing the biome (not just the blocks) slowly, and if turned of, slowly restoring the original. (Usefull for other mods like forestry bees, also nice to have the same grass/water/ect color)

    Security cameras: CCTV used to be a mod that added cameras doing just that. Back in 1.2.5 i think. Might be discontinued.…3-01-cctv-block-v01-mlv5/
    Laser: Also an old mod which i think is discontinued.…59-125-the-laser-mod-v15/
    Radioactive waste: Maybe some special armor to protect from carrying around radioactive material and special storage to prevent radiation.
    Terraformer: Sounds interesting. Like climate control instead of just a block to toggledownfall, more advanced and maybe even a setup of multiple machines or multi-block structure with several components?

    After reading the last few pages there is one thing I just don't understand. Why is it even needed to register ores with a stupid message directed at a mod developer in this case Greg. It is not even clear what the complaint actually is. Why fight some kind of war using your code for a modification to a game. We have the internet, act mature and just contact the developer in question to direct your problems to! There are easy ways to solve problems without some kind of drama/flame war needed. We, the users/players of the game are the ones forcefully being involved in this.
    I don't care if GregTech takes 5 minutes or longer to load, but seeing those messages just show how immature some developers have become. After my mods have loaded at least I am sure that GregTech loaded correctly, or not. Those log files and console message are meant to show how the code behaves and where things go wrong to be able to report issues or to show all went according to plan. Those logs are not supposed to spread your inconvenience/personal issues with other mods being loaded. Even if I missed the console or log files and all went well, I still get confronted with this bullshit during gameplay. Just look up a recipe using tin plates for example and the ore-dictionary will show the stupid sillyness used to get some immature message across. Grow up and find better ways to solve whatever kind of issue!

    Any interesting news?

    How is turtle mining more interesting when you can just download one of many quarry-like (but generally vastly more efficient) scripts?
    Also, you can make BC quarry be single-use (breaking it won't drop the block), tweak it's power usage and capability of max debth mined.

    I was talking about robots from OpenComputers, not turtles from ComputerCraft. Compared to CC they are more expensive, they need energy (not fuel) and tools have durability. Adding code the easy way is always an option of course, but I prefer to code myself or use any of the loot programs you can find. Quarries chunkload themselves, where robots (as well as turtles) preferably need a chunkloader. Robots tend to run out of power and shut down, having to work your way down to grab it and set it up again. Will take a while before you will be able to automate re-charging in time while on a mining mission. Of course tweaking quarries is always an option, I just find robots more interesting and they cost more time/work to maintain, especially early/mid game.

    You can defeat the enderdragon without destroying (some) ender crystals, its just harder (or do what greg said above). If i recall correctly, the teleporter "area of effect" direction can be changed using the wrench (not only above the teleporter like IC²) . Regenerating the end allows you to get another egg. You can also use mystcraft to make another "end" dimension.

    Yes, I just noticed the changing of the teleporters facing side after some testing. As for regenerating world, I do not like that idea, nor do I like using Mystcraft. I used Mystcraft in the past on a multiplayer server to set up different worlds for different purposes. It would make it way too easy to get to different places and seems too cheap in my opinion. Mining age, Void age for Endermen spawners, Oil age, Lava age and so on ... Had to disable players being able to create any ages or links/portals as well. It took away a lot of fun and tactics/difficulty to create Endermen spawners or setting up resource gathering places as well as a network for transport/travelling (ie. Nether hubs/Railcraft). Just jump in a portal and get all you need and if resources run out nearby, just create a new dimension, nahhh ... no more. It often results in items/ways no longer being used or worked on while part of the mod/addon. In this case teleporters from GT.

    By the way, do Ender Crystals have any use apart from looking fancy?

    Yes, 6 one-way links as you usually dont have another egg.
    GregTech config about multiple eggs only affects the dragon egg siphon. It limits the world to a maximum of one working siphon. (If you place another and try to activate it with another egg, boom!)

    And yes indeed, one-way as well ... Do the GT teleporters have a radius for the actual teleport, or just the location from the block space above the teleporter itself? This would limit the possible amount of teleporters even further. Hmmm, might want to change the config, but then again, the eggs can not be crafted either (needs creative spawning), nor can the crystals (needs /summon). You will only get one egg when killing the Ender Dragon. Which usually means you will destroy the crystals which recharge the dragon's health. Not sure why you were hinting about them, because you won't have the egg prior to defeating the dragon in the first place. Are there any 'normal' ways to obtain multiple eggs?

    [edit] After some testing figured you can change facing side on teleporters, so max amount would be 6.

    For an inter-dimensional teleport it requires the dragon egg adjacent to it, where the fourth option (for dimension number, -1 for nether, 0 for overworld, 1 for end and other numbers if you have mystcraft) becomes available.

    Ah, that's nice, thnx. Does this mean only 6 dimensional links possible that way? From what I remember playing with GT in 1.4.7 only one dragon egg allowed in the world by default unless config was changed to allow multiple.

    There is, and it is called a Tesseract, but it is rather different from the TE variant in terms of functionality. I don't think Greg endorses long-distance teleportation transport though.

    How could I have forgotten about those ... Although I was mostly referring to the teleporters from IC2.

    GregTech actually does add a teleporter, capable of interdimensionally transporting anything in front of it. It's expensive and energy expensive as hell, but works a lot better than the IC2 teleporter because it can move more than just player/entities.

    Not much information seems to be available about Greg's version of the teleporter and I will mess with it a bit. I do understand this is only working inter-dimensional? I would love to see something that allows teleportation between different dimensions as well. Maybe even create some kind of portal to go through? Something that allows all entities to go through, even trains from Railcraft. All this of course with huge energy costs.

    I'd rather have IC² and GT fuse together, instead of separating.

    I would not mind them fusing together, I am just concerned about the future of GT while relying on IC2.

    So far I am working on a small but versatile modpack and trying to keep everything hard with slow progress and try not to use too many mods. Main problems I run into are a storage network and some Red logic. I don't like Applied Energistics all that much, seems too OP to my liking, I prefer Logistics Pipes, but relies on Buildcraft and adds that quarry I dislike. I prefer mining in different, more interesting ways by using robots from OpenComputers for example (iso ComputerCraft with its way too low costs). Added barrels with Jabba for storage. Early/mid game transport can be nicely done using Railcraft, but interdimensional is tricky using Vanilla portals, although it works (trains often mess up though). Added MineFactoryReloaded just for the Rednet (Project Red or Red Logic seem too buggy at the moment), but dislike all the other stuff it adds, making it too easy. For farming I like interesting setups and I like Forestry for that, although I am not too fond of the bees. . Added Blood Magic to see if it works well together with all the tech and might want to add Dimensional doors as well as maybe some other more magic like mods, without adding too much functionality that makes 'farming resources' too easy. So far I have been enjoying this GregTech based really small pack I put together, mostly tech with a twist of magic. I would however like some suggestions for mods that 'truly' work well with GregTech to keep things hard. Also like some suggestions on replacing MFR for a mod that purely adds wiring systems that work with above mods. For that matter, may I ask Greg, what mods would you put together if you were to create a modpack to play?

    I am very curious about what will happen to BC/IC2 and I would certainly not mind separation and becoming a standalone mod having it all. Considering you already added pipes for liquids and items and even sorting systems. You already added new wires. What is left to become a full standalone? Having it all? I don't see why not. Why continue to be an add-on for IC2 and why rely on BC in some ways. I would love to see you continue to add functionality on all fronts. Buildcraft keeps breaking and the E-net is always broken .Trying to prepare to updates for 1.7.2 and just very curious about what will come next, who likes what APi and which mods will continue to work well together? Can i still rely on being forced to use BC to add LogisticsPipes? Is Eu being replaced with RF>
    Anyways, i do love the new idea of the wiring system where Voltage(range) and Ampere(Booom Power) seem really realistic wether or not insulated. Would love to see an accurate reading system for data involved though. Since the EU-scanner seems broken, making exact calculations will be hard without some kind of accurate setup info.

    Would also like to mention that default wires always seem to connect, wether painted or not. Would be easier if default would not connect to coloured cable to make it easier to add new lines.
    A last thing, i would love to see Teleportation ... !? Would love to see way better functionality to the teleport system IC2 has always had. "Microwaves", whatever ... , but You seem to be missing one of the often used ways of item distribution, although i also love the struggle to be forced to use RailCraft and some Nether Portal system and network to be able to deliver across great distance. Fast transport, instant teleport even. I would love to see extreme and really late game 'over-powered' (dont get me wrong here, -insert sarcasm-) use of generated power in the form of maybe teleportation of items and liquids or any entities. Eventually we would just love to use some of the power we generate as a late-tier thing.

    To complete it all, one thing missing ... red logic (nikolite?)... and you would cover most of the power and networking resources created, what else do we need?

    Keep up the good work :P