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    I'm having weird behaviour with Array Controllers. Connecting 160 Array Solar Panels to an Array Controller should net me 160 EU/t during the day. When I right-click on the Array Controller, I get the expected number. But for some reason, the Array Controller outputs only up to 128 EU/t according to the EU-Reader.

    Also, connecting multiple MFSUs directly to the Array Controller's different faces seems to "create power". With the same setup as above (160 EU/t), the first two MFSUs get an input of 128 EU/t but the third gets an input of 256 EU/t. The fourth gets 512 EU/t and the fifth gets 1024 EU/t.

    EDIT: I'm using version 59.0.1 with IC2 build 589.

    Further testing with the second problem indicates that the problem happens even with less than 128 EU/t. e.g 96 EU/t, 96, 192, 384, 748.
    Also, any storage unit except batboxes gave the same problem. Batboxes gave inconsistent results though. The power input would fluctuate like crazy.

    The order in which I place the MFSUs does not seem to matter. The first and second always give the EU/t I am supposed to get and then any additional MFSU gets double the previous one's EU/t. The process can also be repeated. Breaking and replacing the oldest MFSU after placing all of them down gets higher and higher and higher EU generation. Fun times :D

    Placing down the 5 MFSUs first and then connecting the array controller gave me 96 EU/t into all of them.

    The machines explode because IC2 says the voltage is 4096. With a batbox. CESUs are 16384, MFEs are 65536, and MFSUs are 262144. WTF IC2?

    Still says 2048 EU/t for MFSU in game though...

    Disabled explosions by default. Added config option.Updated array windmill calculations to match core IC2. Fixes crash.

    Just to let you know... I'm getting 1.75 EU/t at y=56 from 1 array windmill. Looks like i'm getting around the same from normal windmills though. Has IC2 gone crazy?

    Connecting array controllers to array controllers still results in an explosions. You might want to specify that you disabled only excess power explosions or something.

    How many people use this? I don't since IC2 Experimental happened.

    I use your mod... I prefer having huge solar farms to having a compact solar panel generating 2048 EU/t in a single block.

    If placed all machines except the induction furnance are blowing up.

    Happens with the newer IC2 builds. Try build 542.
    Or you could put in crazy large numbers for the max Voltage accepted. For example 8096 allows the machines to accept 32V.

    Advanced machines actually crashes with latest IC2 build (567) when I try to place down the Array Controller.

    If I put a GT debug scanner in a basic electric furnace, i get the not enough power symbol. And the machine does nothing at all.
    If I remove the debug scanner though, the furnace smelts 4 items before going completely out of power.

    That is really weird. If the machine does not work with 32V infinite energy, I would expect the machine to NOT work if I remove the power source in question.

    Is this a feature of some kind?

    For having gone biome independant, looking for extreme hills in hopes of a cassiterite and tetrahedrite veins (most often in vain...) seems unavoidable.

    Personally i think copper and tin ores should be somewhere around y level 40. Since those are the first ores you need, they should be like relatively accessible. The higher tier ores are the ones that should be hard to find.

    As for switching between 1.6 and 1.7... you'd need to hunt around to rebuild your mod pack, to find all the 1.7.2 versions of the mods you want.

    Actually I managed to make having different mod packs for different versions of Minecraft work. You just specify the game directory in the launcher. Seems like minecraft will look in the default path for its stuff but will then look for your stuff (saves, logs, configs, mods) in the game directory you specify.

    Ooh, they are indeed working on it, wasn't aware they had a github for HO. Well, fair enough, going to search for something else to code.
    EDIT : Silly me, I already have something in the works I totally forgot.

    Yeah. I had to dig around the iguana tweaks github forks to find that one. Its not on any forum post or anything as far as I know.

    Going to be brutally honest here, we shouldn't give a shit if a dev is "associated with FTB" or not, what matters is if he/she gets the job done or not.

    That's what I feel but its taking a while. Looks like they are going straight for a 1.7.10 version.

    Just something I found while looking around. Its about logical people.

    I've been getting a metric ton of those too. I have a strange suspicion it might be from Stackie, but I don't know. It's weird. It's as if almost every block I break is trying to create 2 ItemEntities at the same time, because I still get the normal ItemEntity.

    I get a lot of these too. Did not know from what mod it is so I just ignored it. And I doubt its from stackie since I don't have that mod installed.