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    I have it too on my server.

    Hi Zip, so I've been maintaining a bukkit port of this for people...

    Attached is the bukkit port of your latest. Do you mind if I share on mcportcentral, as I have been doing?


    It does not work, I tried it and my server crashes.

    Is there any place where all the information is accurate?

    I started using this mod since a couple days and I was solely basing it off the WIKI info. I like to play with the detailed mechanics (like this issue I had) and optimizing it all.

    So an accurate database of knowledge would be very good.

    Hello quick question here,

    My setup: Nuclear generator generates 40 EU/t and I connect it to a MFSU which is after connected to a single Terraformer.

    Why is that the Terraformer which is only suppose to use up 4 EU/t (desertification) pulls out ALL of the energy in the MFSU...

    Math wise... it should only pull 4 EU/t.... 40 - 4 = 36... so 36 EU/t should be stored in the MFSU... but it is not the case.

    ALSO! Energy needed for Terraformer to work is way under the one provided... so why isn't the Terraformer always ACTIVE? At the moment the battery image on the terraformer is blinking every 2 seconds or so and not being constantly ON.

    Thanks for lightening me up.