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    i just updated from 5.04.x to 5.05.07 and im stuck :(.

    I want to build a steam macerator, but all the small diamond ores drop crushed diamond ore - not diamond gems!

    any help appreciated :)

    also YEEEAAAAAHH WOOO!!! CoG and Gregtech! CoGregtech! Yeah!


    I managed to work it out using minetweaker :)



    A while back i was asking about CustomOreGen with Gregtech. Im trying to get this to work, and im happy with the XML form of CoG but... i cant get the basic ore block names for the gregtech ores! Can someone help me, maybe point me in the right direction to let me see the block names? (like minecraft:iron_ore but for gregtech?)

    I want to recreate the ore clusters, but with CoG cloud generation not gregs clouds.


    Has anyone managed to configure any Gregtech ore generation with the Custom Ore Gen mod? I'm trying to make the small ores generate in small, disconnected veins to make mining them more interesting.

    Gregtech ores are block (tile) entities for whatever reason, so each ore is specified in the metadata but the mod only accepts block ID names (or does it?)

    Any ideas?

    I too would be very interested in having Greg's ores in CoG, but without PFAA. If I could use the shapes that CoG vein ore has with Greg's ore-type-clusters that would be awesome!

    It would also be awesome to provide a conf set for PFAA for GT ores that would let them generate in places and at frequencies that would be suitable for GT. I tried to set up PFAA for some decent world but after a few days of twiddling around just gave up.

    I signed up JUST to second this! This would be awesome to have a preset XML for CustomOreGen/PFAA!

    I run GT based server myself, and without COG and GT both at 1.7, im not updating. Both of these are critical to how i play.