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    I hope really the FTB Team will ignore or even remove this mod from their forums. I like the idea of combining different mod ideas in some balanced way, but I think you should make this by modifying configs of the mods/making official add ons. Not steal the parts people like and just throw them together in some unbalanced way. It wouldn't be even a surprise to me if he just copies parts of the code from TC, BC etc.. I think now I understand why some mod authors don't want their code public. You can maybe say they aren't making money with it, but all mod authors put their life and their soul into their mods and then somebody like him show up and just steals everything. Especially if it is the patented, lag avoiding code from Gregtech. :D

    I also have another question:
    On our server we want to play Gregtech(so excited for 1.7) in some kind of group vs. group. What mods should we use together with Gregtech? At the moment we have Railcraft and NEI. Normally we also use InvTweaks, a Minimap and Waila, but we thought, that those don't fit together with the concept of Gregtech. Have you guys some recommendations?