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    That awkward moment when you meet naturally spawned skeleton in quantum suit...

    its a factorization setting assuming you are using that, called equalOpportunitiesForMobs the mob is using the same armor you have, fairly easy to exploit to get copies of the armor ur using if u have a mob farm


    # Causes some mobs to rarely spawn wearing your armor

    for starters u have jvms that doesnt make since u wanna try and keep java under 4gb or at 4gb mem use not more, giving java as stated above to much researches will cause issues.
    u also have 2gb perm gen normaly this is max 512 usually 256 is enough for most packs containing around 100ish mods.

    u also have (basicly every mod known to man)
    metallurgy, netherores, rotarycraft, geostrata, extrabees, magic bees, binnies, exnilo pneumaticcraft xeno's reliquary bloodmagic, thumcraft, Biome's o plenty and nautura, tconstruct, tsteelworks chromaticraft electricraft and god knows what else u have in this pack list.

    i would probably start with a lower amount of mods and work out what ur core mods should be and work ur way from there because it sounds to me like u just thrown togather any mod u found on

    ur forestry is also very old and it might be having issues with the other amount of stuff u have in that pack that might depend on forestry.

    there is also atleast 2 mods in there that adds thaumcraft API in there JAR but non of that is relevant to the problem u have but it can cause issues when u actually get to play based on the loading order and if its old and newer API from Thaumcraft.

    but as i said i would start with a lower amount of mods and add stuff but get rid of all the "extra tools, guns and what else u get in flans, modern warfare pack and whatever else imo useless stuff u have in ur pack there are also mods in there that seems to fail to load like ResonantPluginLoader, universalelectricity.core.UELoader.

    i have a a pack thats far smaller then urs and far less mods in it and i have no issues here.

    could u also add the latest.log ?

    and just to be clear i saw u say it launches fine without gregtech, well i would still start with a lower amount of mods and add more untill u find ur problem but get ur core mods, and mods that causes world gen in first because from what i can see u have like 100 diffrent onces all going fron netherores, geostrata, denseores raika, reactorcraft, Flaxbeards steampower, botania binnies etc

    hi guys. is it just me or some config options doesn't work as intended?


    1. B:QuartzDustSmeltingIntoAESilicon_true=false

    still can't smelt quartz dust.

    u need to turn on unification of quartz dust so it makes AE2 quartz dust then u can smelt it if i recall correct i dont think greg's quartz goes into a normal furnace

    I think, better to use ore dictionary everywhere) For example, instead - , - , - . Neiplugins is very helpful.

    also /MT oredict will dump all oredictionary entries into minetweaker.log and u can then just do a /MT hand on the item u have in ur hand and search for the output ( <gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:17028> ) in the minetweaker.log file and u will find the entry for the item and what oredirctionary entry its under ( <ore:plateTitanium> ).

    input of amp's into machine isnt relevant, what matters is the EU ur sending when we are talking about machine block (not cable)
    each battery in the battery buffer adds 1 amp @ the eu of the battery buffer
    so if u have a 1 slot low volt battery buffer its 32 eu/p @1 amp meaning 1 packet of 32 eu before loss in cable and machineblocks etc
    if u have a 4 slot low volt battery buffer its 32 eu/p @ 4 amp meaning 4 packets of 32 eu before loss in cable and machineblocks etc

    power input is determined by the machine's accepted power so a low volt battery buffer will only accept 32 eu if u feed it anymore it will blow up i.e 128 eu will cause a low vault battery buffer to blow naturally.

    if u have a 4 slot low volt battery buffer and u use 1x amp tin cable u will fry the cable and machines might blow up because of fire so to avoid blowing it up u will need atleast 4x tin cable to begin the line since its sending 4 amp's out

    if u send to much EU down a cable it will fry and maybe cause other issues

    so summery
    for cable watch amp's and EU requirements
    for machines watch EU requirements as they only drain what they need basicly
    each battery in a battery buffer will add 1 amp to the line so 1slot = 1x amp cable, 4 slot 4x amp cable, and so forth

    cable loss is also mentioned in

    if i have understood this right :)

    GT wrenches cannot rotate Galactcraft machines, even IC2 wrenches can (electric one for example)
    Is problem on our side, or on their?

    EDIT: Virezz, steam machines have only output for cold steam, no automatic output for items.

    see a diffrence ? again the pattern to rotate things isnt showing in the 5.05.00 release

    and for steam machines u can still change the output of what u call "cold steam" or the area where it needs to have a block clear for its exhaust point it would still be wrenchable so u can choose where u want it pointing

    Hi Greg,


    Basic machines doesnt have a "interface" when u try and wrench it so u cant change the output side (square)
    Steam machine blocks doesnt have it either when im holding a wrench so i cant change the output side

    i havent checked other machines yet

    had a user on my server that have the same issue and he used this jvm argument and it seems to atleast sort it temperary untill greg gets it sorted properly

    1. -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow

    I just updated with a, lets call it fix I hope, for the Ore thing.

    from what i can see with
    IC2 633
    Gregtech 5.04.06
    forge 1208

    im getting the small ores showing up as small ores again in the overworld where it before was called the problem is still in the nether atleast its not showing up as it should so u end up with ore being called again for small ores

    it seems to work better in the overworld so it might be just random and i was lucky that the ore was called the right things i assume its no diffrence in overworld and nether generation so i dont think its quiet fixed yet.

    Opis is a server monitoring tool that requires mobiusCore, the mapwriter refrence is because Opis is using a derivative of mapwriter as a basis for the map display ingame u get with opis. like chunkloaded, enteties etc and u also get a out of game interface so u can see whats going on more detailed on the server its installed on

    clients dont need it even if server has it installed to connect.

    optifine is a client mod and does nothing on a server (i believe the server wont even load because its tiggered as a CLIENT mod), same as armorhud status and alot of other mods like that.

    and yes i saw u updated it saying it was on ur end just putting it there for clearification or confusion :)

    updated ic2, removed recipes.cfg in gregtech folder and tried scaning again on a fresh world no player dat and still crashes so bug is reported to TC so will see what they come up with

    thanks for the help :)

    This is not the crash log.
    Crash report saved to: C:\gamez\MultiMC\instances\Tartarus Redux V0.1\minecraft\crash-reports\crash-2014-08-27_23.58.12-client.txt

    This is likely caused by Railcraft_1.7.10- including Thaumcraft API Files with incompatible version...
    Try removing the Thaumcraft API Folder from Railcraft jar

    have removed the TC api in both Pam's harvestcraft and Railcraft hench why its called tcsafe so i remember what i have done :)

    and added the log in question to paste

    Hi Greg bug report 1.7.10 test build.

    crash report when trying to scan a zinc nugget with a thaumonometer. (Thaumcraft-1.7.10- , ThaumicTinkerer-2.5-1.7.10-156)

    i also cant use a zinc ingot to zinc nugget in a alloy smelter with nugget mold, i can however use zinc rings and anything else in zinc to melt into nuggets with a nugget mold in the alloy smelter.

    transformer ic2 -> gt transformer is working again no explosions :)

    No Crash Reports as of now, does that mean the new 1.7.10 Test Version is working properly?

    worked fine with ic2 (556) havent checked any of the ic2 explotions regarding transfermers etc but it loads fine on client and server. dunno if u have a changelog other then what was released for the 1.7.2 - 5.03o or if its based on a earlier release

    "If your Log stops here, you were too impatient. Wait a bit more next time, before killing Minecraft with the Task Manager"....
    When i try to load minecraft with Gregtech the logs write this and after this my minecraft freeze,someone can help me?,

    how long ? log ? anything more then what the text says to wait ? :)

    Thingy Name: brDeviceCyaniteProcessor !!!Unknown 'Thingy' detected!!! This Object seems to probably not follow a valid OreDictionary Convention, or I missed a Convention. Please report to GregTech Intergalactical for additional compatiblity. This is not an Error, it's just an Information.

    Hi Greg latest 1.7.10 build you have released has this item still not "accepted" its the cyaniteprocessor from Big Reactors

    I am good with steel in encourages to explore, which is always good.

    Gregtech's oregen encourages exploration.

    i just dont want the people on my server to find steel in chests so im asking if there is a config option for it or a way to trigger so that steel isnt added into dungeonChest, mineshaftCorridor, villageBlacksmith and strongholdCrossing chest's with gregtech since the other alternatives currently isnt working.

    Greg another item for compatibility (1.7.10)

    @mrwoodof2 and @mightydanp any error log starting with:

    means u are using a IC2 version thats too new 557 had a fluid registry change (or something dont remember) and because the current 1.7.10 GT version used 556 probably as a baseline when it was put togather u wont get anything passed 556 in terms of IC2 so if u have any other IC2 addons like ic2nuclear control or simular that requires x version of IC2 u need to check that otherwise u will get crashes on that. As for the earlier logs i saw there was IC2 620 being used.

    and if u get this:
    "at gregtech.common.GT_ThaumcraftCompat.addResearch("

    in the starting lines it means that some mod u have in ur pack is shipping Thaumcraft api my guess either u have railcraft or pam's harvestcraft installed.(…t-IssueTracker/issues/265 ) both ship with Thaumcraft API and will cause Gregtech to belive that TC is installed (even if u dont have thaumcraft installed) but cant find the right stuff for the research related to Gregtech thaumcraft integration so if u look back a few pages on a post from SpawnX for fixes regarding that error in terms of config.
    alternative add Thaumcraft 4.2.x to ur pack

    on a sidenote anyway to have gregtech not add steel into dungeon loot chest? (minetweaker/modtweaker for controlling dungeon loot is currently broken)