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    basically I thought of a new generator for eu... a lightning rod could be crafted with a generator and a lightning post... the lightning post could be made with 5 refined iron in a upside down T shape.... hope you like the idea and add it...

    hey that's an awesome way to power all the quarries and pumps and stuff like that but you should really get rocket science and ic/bc cross over to get the thermonuclear missile and the industrial electric engines.
    p.s. build alot of pumps the industrial electric engine get hot really fast so if it goes green the water tank empties really fast so you need two pumps for one engine put the power output of 4 industrial electric engines is the same output of my 40 combustion engine power plant so i can power more stuff with little space to build a power plant. you should also get the multi page chest so you can store more stuff from your quarry.