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    Name: Decorative Paneling

    Description: I love Luminators, but wiring them can be unattractive, especially in prebuilt structures. The ability to run a wire through a ceiling and then place a Luminator over it to cover it is wonderful, but you may not want to use Luminators for every square inch of wire. If you made panels that could be placed in the same fashion as Luminators (on surfaces, on wires, and on walls, ceilings, or floors), of the same thickness as Luminators, but in non-glowing textures that blend with existing building materials (Wood, Planks, Brick, Cobblestone, Stone, Construction Foam, etc,) you would be able to neatly hide wires en-route to their destinations, without having to dig out extra-deep pathways.

    Recipe: Because panels are fragile and decorative veneers, I think they should be treated as glass (easily broken, irrecoverable if destroyed). Because we lack standard Minecraft smilies, bare with me, and assume the Tesla icon is Glass, while the Rubber Wood icon is the panel material.

    :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log:
    :Tesla Coil: :Tesla Coil: :Tesla Coil:

    The wood could be cobble, brick, any manner of materials. You could even consider a glass recipe (maybe made of glass, and glass panes combined?) that would function like the other panels.