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    I wonder if modifications to nei could made (probably already settings but idk) to make it easier to browse gt recipes and not overload new players like that guy over there. I wonder what it is exactly that people dont like to see in nei anyway. Is it all the parts out of different mats? If you only showed meta items it would also be confusing to newbies. If you tried filtering certain materials how could you even decide what to filter? Simply gutting features seems like the worst possible way at any rate

    Regarding the heat one thing that might help depending on your climate is open all windows at night and shut them all early in the morning. Also shut all blinds and curtains

    Edit: oh yeah this assumes it actually cools off at night where you live if not then it might not help. The idea is trap cold air keep hot air out

    Edit2: another idea I heard that sounds kind of stupid is fill buckets with cold water or fill the tub with cold water and as the water warms up it will cool the air have not tested

    Does anybody else find it bizarre to be discussing gt4 compatibility? Of course LP shouldnt support it. Also that ticket was almost a year old what's going on. Also why decide to not support gregtech in general based on a severely deprecated version? How are people even getting gt4 to work?

    Has anybody done anything with mini nether portals yet? I was playing around with them but can't figure out how to do anything with them.

    I tried searching for greg's old posts about them but couldn't find them. The tooltip says it will transfer redstone signals. I tried hooking up a lever and some redstone dust on one side and then just a redstone lamp in the nether. Also how do you get items to go through it? I tried to use a buildcraft pipe but my game just crashed when I tried that (not sure about details and it didn't give me a log so can't actually report it (also I was using a ton of mods so yeah don't worry about it can't give any helpful information(sorry))).

    The main thing I was wondering is if we could hook a mini portal to a boiler and then split the steam flow in the nether and then teleport it back to the overworld to a steam turbine for when you can't get enough throughput with buildcraft pipes.

    Edit: wait do mini portals make mini portals in the nether when you light them like vanilla portals do?

    I can't do anything about the Real World being terrible at Game Balance.

    Best Greg quote in a while imo. :D

    But seriously this is a real problem. I think things like GT or Reika's mods kind of have to walk a line to keep the appeal of being technical and realistic while also being an actual balanced game. Also the sweet spot between gameyness and realism varies between person to person. But y'all probably already know that stuff.

    Also, anyone know if any other materials can be used to help purify for a flux than just calcite?

    What about burning various plants and wood for potash and sodium carbonate?
    You could do wood in furnace -> wood ash then somehow turn that into potash (maybe an ashery?).

    It might be a little bit cheap but you could perhaps require a really large amount of wood or saplings to get a useful amount of ashes.
    Also the dark ashes thing is a good idea for an intermediary from coal.

    Edit: I just realized wood in a furnace makes charcoal. Maybe it wouldn't work then
    Edit2: also I think I'm getting two different kinds of fluxes mixed up I'm not an engineer or chemist

    After digging through the jar for a few hours trying to find the text for the manuals, transcribing by hand seems a little less backward. Where did you move that stuff to? I was kind of hoping it would be a string or plaintext somewhere.

    Edit: oh yeah lol I was also trying to strings | grep to find it. I just wasted my whole afternoon. It turns out doing things the clever way requires me to be clever in the first place.

    Edit2: Thanks Greg. I should have just asked ><

    Edit3: Here's a version of greg's post below that's a bit easier to read just in case somebody is interested.

    Should the crucible handbook text be put on the wiki? Is there a way to get to the written book text easily from outside the game? I could transcribe it but that seems a little bit backwards. As interesting and immersive as it is to have an in game manual I think it would be nice to be able to flip through it when I'm not currently playing.

    I was wondering if anybody had a good method for organizing and updating their mods folder for this server. The way I'm doing it feels a little bit brutish. I just sort of try to find all of the update posts in this thread and track the mods down individually. I was hoping there was a good way to at least check if all the correct mods are installed without having to fire up minecraft. Even if it is something simple like diffing some text files

    What does the Kirara server use mod-wise to make the end not finite? We only get a single tiny island, meaning incredibly limited resources. (In fact.. no Nuquadah!_)

    afaik the only option is to generate a new world. Kirara has qcraft portals connecting some worlds. I don't think that was the reason for generating the new worlds though I think it was for performance reasons.

    I think this is slightly unfair. The community fanned the flames pretty badly. I agree that mDiyo's ego probably factored into it. It shouldn't be surprising though because Greg can be pretty harsh and blunt and doesn't take shit from people.

    Anyways it's kind of over for now so the real take away message is probably: stop asking for TiC/Natura support it's never gonna happen