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    I would have smacked you so hard for not reading the Q/A, if there werent the fact that I forgot to mention that older Versions are avaible in that spoiler above the Q/A inside the Q/A. Something I have definetly to put into the Q/A, since people were already stupid enough to not find the Spoiler with the Title "Important Stuff - why are some people too stupid to look here for the Download?". Yes there were actually some people not reading that one, and instead posting stupid Questions about the Location of the Download Link.

    ok now i saw it too. it's not really a good place to spot it easily. i didn't notice there wasen't a second post, i've went trough the first post a few times checking if i didn't miss anything but i couldn't find it. i didn't even know you had a Q/A until now and i've been following you thread for quite some time. and i saw your title for important stuff and it made me already smile for more than once :p anyway keep up the good work

    is there any way to obtain a copy of gregtech version 3.11 (latest version for minecraft 1.5.2) our server decided to downgrade again to 1.5.2 due to the fact that thermal expansion and mfr are still not updated. so if anyone could get me a copy of that version i would be very gratefull and so would all the people on our server

    EDIT: one of the people on our server found the version. thanks anyway (and btw greg we love your mod (well most of us) and keep up the good work i really like your efforts to make it look as close to reality as possible)

    i'm going to try posting it again :p as my previous post didn't got any reply and i would love to know if this is know or if this is just with the recent changes to the api of ic².

    when i try using superconductorwire they just dont transfer power (the ic² power grid is doing a bit funky anyway if you ask me, but it still transfers power) i ran it on our server and in the server logs i've found something like cannot find superconductorwire api, adding superconductorwire api (this is not exactly what was found in the logs cause i accidenly deleted them after reading them thinking they would not be necessary anymore).

    if anyone could geve me some info on this that would be awesome

    how i wire up this thing? just a red wire direct white wire inverted and regular wire also direct?